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Latest update : 2013-09-26

Anti-fascist protests in Greece

Today on the net: anti-fascist protests in Greece; Saudi women campaigning for the right to drive; and a Tumblr blog chronicling those office meals eaten at your desk.

Anti-fascist protests in Greece

His songs are being shared on social networks and his name has been graffitied onto walls across Greece: the murder of anti-fascist campaigner Killah P, whose real name was Pavlos Fyssas, has sent shockwaves across the country. The hip-hop artist was stabbed in the chest last week by a man thought to belong to the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party.

Thousands of people have taken to the streets in recent days paying tribute to the late singer, and activists have also taken to the web to denounce the violence used by the extreme right.

This map for example is seeking to collate all racially motivated attacks in and around Athens, using information gathered from press articles or testimonials from victims collected by anti-racism organizations. Members of Golden Dawn are responsible for most of the attacks, some of which were witnessed by police who stood by and did nothing to stop them.

The police have been accused of colluding with the extreme right group which has 18 of its members in parliament. This video which was reportedly filmed in Athens a week ago and has since been widely relayed on the web, appears to show a group of plainclothes hurling stones at anti-fascist protesters as security forces look on impassively.

And so the government is being urged to take immediate action. Some 75,000 web users have signed this petition hosted on, demanding the authorities protect democracy by bringing to trial all Golden Dawn members involved in violence towards immigrants over the past few years. 

Saudi women call for new day of defiance against driving ban

Saudi women activists are calling for a new national day of defiance on October 26th urging women to get behind the wheel in protest against the ban on women driving in the kingdom. The movement which began online appears to be enjoying growing popularity among web users in Saudi Arabia.

Over 9 700 people have signed this online petition written by the instigators of the initiative. The document is available in Arabic and English and calls on the Saudi authorities to change current legislation at the earliest opportunity and allow women to drive.

Activists are also urging anyone who wants to see the driving law reformed to openly voice their support, by promoting the current campaign via social networks or by teaching a woman to drive between now and the 26th of October.

And for women who don’t know anyone who can help them learn, there are a number of videos like this one doing the rounds on sharing sites, providing valuable information for ladies who want to teach themselves some of the driving basics.

This is not the first women’s rights day of defiance against the driving ban in Saudi Arabia. A similar operation took place back in June 2011. The “Women2Drive” movement did raise international awareness but very few women braved defying the ban and failed to take to the wheel. 

Now trending on social networks

Thousands of outraged Ugandan web users have been posting under the hashtag #KibuuleMustGo, in response to remarks made by the country’s State Minister for Youth and Children’s Affairs, Ronald Kibuule. The minister recently told local media that if a young woman is dressed in his words “poorly” and is raped, then the man should not be held responsible. Social networks are up in arms over the comments and calling for the minister to apologize to victims of sexual attacks and to tender his resignation. 

Sad Desk Lunch, a Tumblr chronicling office meals

As the creator of the “Sad Desk Lunch” blog explains, 62 % of American office workers eat their lunch at their desk every day. Web users can send in photos of their desk lunches to the Tumblr blog, takeout, homemade and put in Tupperware, or whatever they can get their hungry hands on. The shots aren’t always that mouthwatering but the aim of the platform is to encourage workers to take a proper lunchtime break outside of the office. 

Video of the day

Following on from their "Facebook the musical" success back in June, the AV Bytes collective is back with another wacky tribute to the world of social media, and as we can see in this video, this time Twitter is in the spotlight. The song pokes some harmless fun at the micro-blogging site, but recognizes that whilst some content is pretty trivial it does represent a wonderful communication tool for web users the world over.

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