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Latest update : 2013-11-25

Iranian web users hail historic nuclear deal

International news as seen on the web and about the web: the latest buzzes and a comprehensive overview of what's trending on social networks.

Iranian web users hail historic nuclear deal

"Negotiations have been successfully completed […] The right to uranium enrichment has been recognized and sanctions will be eased.” This is Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif’s Facebook post hailing the deal struck with world powers over Tehran’s nuclear program. His post was soon shared by tens of thousands of web users even though the site is actually blocked in Iran.

Iranian web users have taken to social networks in their droves to comment on this historic agreement, thanking and praising their government for reaching a compromise after five days of talks in Geneva.

And with the Iranian president Hassan Rouhani stating, in a tweet, that the deal would “open new horizons”, a lot of netizens have been saying they hope the agreement will also help promote peace in the region.

But it’s the plans to provide Iran with “modest relief” from sanctions dominating online commentary; economic sanctions that have had an heavy impact on Iranians’ in their day to day lives. Twitter user Mahtab Alikhani for example says that many people have died because of the shortages in medicine caused by the retaliatory measures.


Family of alleged Silk Road owner launches legal defense fund

Family and friends of Ross Ulbricht have released this video denouncing a miscarriage of justice. The FBI believe the 29 year old be the owner of Silk Road; a huge online supermarket for illegal products that they shut down last month, but his loved ones believe otherwise and are campaigning online for his release.

Ross Ulbricht’s supporters are using the video to proclaim his innocence and have also set up this site urging the people of America to join their combat. His loved ones are saying Ulbricht, who has been in prison since the beginning of October, can’t be the person behind the famous “Silk Road” platform because it’s still in operation despite him being in jail.

And there’s also a fundraising campaign underway on crowdfunding site Crowdtilt. The aim is to raise 500,000 dollars to pay Ross Ulbricht’s legal fees. It’s not proving very successful however… Only a little over 2 300 dollars has been pledged so far…


Corn maze challenge on Google Street View

With Google Street View, people from all over the world can now get lost in the Edmonton Corn Maze in Canada, and take on the epic cornstalk challenge from the comfort of their own home; that’s right the web giant’s cameras have worked their way through the 4 hectares of this massive labyrinth. The aim of the game is to find your way back to this pontoon in the middle of the maze, and if your sense of direction is no what it could be then you can always use the bird’s eye view option to help you along your way.

“What would I say ?”

What would I say?” is an application developed by students from Princeton University and is enjoying huge success on that well known social network, Facebook. You log into your account and the app will generate a status based on your past updates. The resulting status, which imitates the way you express yourself, is often somewhat wacky, confusing even, and will no doubt give your contacts a giggle or two.


Video of the day

This video has touched the hearts of web users the world over: it documents a year in the life of Ward Miles, an American baby born three and half months premature. His dad filmed him from the first very difficult days in hospital, when he weighed just 700 grams, up until his first birthday: a very moving video, which has been viewed close to 9 million times since being uploaded to Vimeo at the beginning of the month.

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