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President Robert Mugabe emerges from house arrest

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Harassment and hypocrisy in Washington

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Military pressures Robert Mugabe to step down, Macron mediates Lebanon crisis

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France raises a glass to tourism

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France's newest political party accused of 'old' methods

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#THE 51%

Hear me roar: The growing economic power of older women

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#TECH 24

The future of surgery

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The tiny parasite threatening your salmon sushi

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Director Joachim Trier: True horror is a 'lack of self-acceptance'

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A live debate on the topic of the day, with four guests. From Monday to Thursday at 7.10 pm Paris time.

Latest update : 2013-12-10

Can the 'wound at Africa's heart' be healed?

French troops are on their way to another former colony in Africa. This time, it's the Central African Republic, a nation in turmoil where dozens have just been killed in the latest fighting in the capital. How did the Central African Republic get to this point? Can France help stop what it fears could become a genocide there?

  • General Dominique TRINQUAND, Director for External Relations, Groupe Marck;
  • Julie OWONO, Head of Africa Desk, Internet without borders;
  • Louis BERNARD, Founder of Layer Cake;
  • Mahamat KAMOUN, Chief of Staff, Office of the President of the Central African Republic;
  • Paul Simon HANDY, Director of Research, Institute for Security Studies, Pretoria;
  • Noureddine ADAM, Minister of State in charge of security and Intelligence;.

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2017-11-16 COP23

Clearing the air: How to make Paris climate agreement stick?

The planet's getting warmer, faster; China's carbon emissions are back on the rise; India's capital is blanketed in what feels like record smog; and the United States is not only...

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2017-11-15 Africa

The fall of Mugabe? Zimbabwe military detains president

This time, it finally looks like the end for Robert Mugabe. Zimbabwe's 93-year old president has not spoken since the military moved in overnight and seized key points of the...

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2017-11-14 Brexit

Divided Kingdom: UK Parliament, Cabinet at odds over Brexit

It was a particularly long day for Britain's embattled prime minister. In parliament, Theresa May has to fend off challenges within her own party. As the clock ticks on...

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2017-11-13 counter-terrorism

Paris attacks: Two years later, France grapples with how to fight terror

Two years on, France remembers the 130 killed, along with the survivors of the shootings at the Bataclan concert hall, the national stadium and at the terraces of Right Bank...

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2017-11-09 Asia-pacific

Trump in China: US president hails 'great chemistry' with Xi Jinping

Once upon a time, there was a China-bashing US presidential candidate. A year and a day later, Donald J. Trump is feted in Beijing, blaming trade imbalances on his predecessors...

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