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Outrage online in Spain after five men cleared of gang rape

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A new anti-Semitism? French open letter sparks controversy

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Macron in Washington: After ‘bromance’, French leader tackles prickly issues

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Is GDP the best way to measure an economy?

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Trump rolls out red carpet for Macron

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Daniela Vega blazes a trail for transgender rights

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Goma families terrorised by wave of child abductions

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May in France: Lucky flowers and building bridges

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Handshakes and private toilets: How Koreas' summit is planned to (media) perfection

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Latest update : 2013-12-10

Can the 'wound at Africa's heart' be healed? (part 2)

French troops are on their way to another former colony in Africa. This time, it's the Central African Republic, a nation in turmoil where dozens have just been killed in the latest fighting in the capital. How did the Central African Republic get to this point? Can France help stop what it fears could become a genocide there?

  • General Dominique TRINQUAND, Director for External Relations, Groupe Marck;
  • Julie OWONO, Head of Africa Desk, Internet without borders;
  • Louis BERNARD, Founder of Layer Cake;
  • Mahamat KAMOUN, Chief of Staff, Office of the President of the Central African Republic;
  • Paul Simon HANDY, Director of Research, Institute for Security Studies, Pretoria;
  • Noureddine ADAM, Minister of State in charge of security and Intelligence;.

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2018-04-26 France

A new anti-Semitism? French open letter sparks controversy

Is France subject to a new form of anti-Semitism? The recent murder of an 85-year old Holocaust survivor by intruders who shouted "Allah Akbar" has now been followed by an open...

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2018-04-25 Emmanuel Macron

Macron on Capitol Hill: Speech before Congress emphasises 'democratic values'

As Brexit nears, Emmanuel Macron is firmly establishing France as the nation worthy of the special relationship with Washington. We review Macron's Wednesday speech before the US...

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2018-04-25 Donald Trump

Macron in Washington: Can he change Trump's foreign policy?

French President Emmanuel Macron is in Washington to discuss the Middle East, trade, and North Korea. Can his charm offensive confirm Trump to change his foreign policy? Our...

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2018-04-23 Emmanuel Macron

Macron meets Trump: A state visit with discord on the horizon?

Macron meets Trump in Washington. The French president is the first to make a state visit there under the Trump administration. Some say it’s a symbol of the "bromance" betweent...

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2018-04-19 Kurds

Turkey's rush to the polls: Erdogan calls snap election to cement his power

Recep Tayyip Erdogan has announced he's bringing forward the elections - his aim is to cement his hold on power. His ambition is to become an executive president. Erdogan's...

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