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Confiscated vote? Escalation over banned Catalonia referendum

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UN rights chief says Burma should allow in investigators

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'I asked Macron to invest $300m in girls' education', Malala tells FRANCE 24

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A French fortune: Lilian Bettencourt's name was synonymous with 'scandal'

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Catalan referendum debacle

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Parents in Mali concerned about Turkish-owned schools

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Brexit and the city: Paris, Frankfurt, Dublin vying for new business

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Is the French Senate a retirement club for old politicians?

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Rohingya crisis: Monks with an ultranationalist agenda

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How do artists and writers see the world? We take you to the crossroads where culture meets the news and engages with what's happening in our lives today. From Monday to Friday at 12.15 pm Paris time.

Latest update : 2013-12-19

Priceless Picasso sold for €100 in Paris

On this special all-Paris show: How's this for an early Christmas present bargain? A 25-year-old American is now the proud owner of an original Picasso sketch after winning it in a €100-per-ticket lottery. Find out what it was all in aid of, and what the artist’s grandson thinks about his grandfather's work being sold for relative pocket change.

Also on the programme: we check out Jumpin’ Jack Flash photography at a new exhibition of photos of the Rolling Stones’ 50-year career. We also meet the Paris-based American band CocoRosie.

Meanwhile, the city’s science museum invites us to get creative with our vocal cords at an exhibition that’s all about the voice; there are tutu-and-tights treats for disadvantaged teens at the Opéra Bastille; and we hang out on the banks of the river Seine with the Parisian artist who likes to paint the City of Lights after dark.

By Catherine NICHOLSON



2017-09-21 culture

This week’s not-to-miss exhibitions

From the life and career of the Greek opera singer, Maria Callas, at Paris's new concert hall on the river Seine to Monet’s secret art collection and Berlin’s new graffiti...

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2017-09-20 culture

Film show: 'It', 'Loveless', 'Nothing to Hide' and 'The Party'

Film critic Lisa Nesselson speaks to Eve Jackson about the week’s film releases, including "It", "Loveless", "The Party" and "Nothing to Hide".

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2017-09-19 culture

Elizabeth Strout: 'There’s something emotionally truthful about my characters'

Elizabeth Strout weaves deceptively simple stories of small-town America that explore human relationships and reveal universal truths. From the Pulitzer Prize-winning "Olive...

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2017-09-18 culture

Music show: Stacey Kent, Fergie and Van Morrison

Jazz fans are no stranger to Stacey Kent’s effortless, crystal-clear vocals. The multilingual jazz vocalist dropped by the studio to talk about her upcoming album "I Know I...

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2017-09-15 culture

Award-winning photography emerges from the ruins of Mosul

Perpignan’s "Visa Pour L'Image" festival has awarded its top prize to Laurent Van der Stock for his work documenting the battle for Mosul. The photojournalism festival was...

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