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#Varoufexit: Greece's Finance Minister Bows Out

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What now? Uncertainty for Greece and for Europe - part 1

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What now? Uncertainty for Greece and for Europe - part 2

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One year after Gaza war, residents still struggling to survive

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Libya in search of unity

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Tina Arena: Love, loss and la langue française

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History’s worst tragedies: Would you have resisted?

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Lithuanian president: 'Greek govt is not willing to take responsibility'

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Violence and chaos await migrants in Libya

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We explore the digital revolution and check out the latest technological trends. Every Saturday at 2.15 pm Paris time.

#TECH 24

#TECH 24

Latest update : 2013-12-23

Xmas Special: Tech for Kids

It's that time of the year again... and to put you in the Xmas spirit, we focus on the little ones and all the new technology available to them: including a special test of robotic ball Sphero that can teach your kids about programming and augmented reality.

PLUS, a suprise: We have a Sphero to give you... click here to know more!

By Anelise BORGES



2015-07-03 technology

Testing robots to play, snuggle and learn

China hopes the Zhongguancun district in Beijing will rival Silicon Valley with its start-ups, incubators and investors. Our report takes a look at the budding tech sector there....

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2015-06-26 Twitter

Governing in 140 characters

Virtual governance is a reality in Spain, where the town of Jun is administered using Twitter. Our special report looks at how it works. Next, we speak to Lama Mansour, founder...

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2015-06-19 technology

Cyborgs: The future of the human race?

This week we explore biohacking. One of our own journalists volunteers to get a chip injected in his hand and become... a cyborg! We also meet a specialist in the biohacking...

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2015-06-12 Apple

Netatmo's Welcome, a camera that recognises your family and friends

This week, we open with Apple's latest venture, Apple Music, a streaming service that's vying for space in a crowded market. Next, we look at the latest facial recognition...

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2015-06-05 technology

Biomimicry: Innovation inspired by nature

This week we explore biomimicry, or nature-inspired technology. We also test a new kind of alarm clock, one that diffuses a smell of your choice to wake you up.

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