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The battle against illegal fishing in West Africa

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Trump has already quit the Paris climate deal - just not publicly

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#TECH 24

The Ice Memory Project: A treasure trove for future scientists

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Cannes 2017: Stars dig deep at AIDS gala dinner

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French fashion designer Jacquemus declares his love for Marseille

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A piece of work: New French government braces for labour law reform

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#THE 51%

Ridding workplaces of sexism: What companies can do to banish outdated attitudes

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Exclusive: Inside the battle for Mosul, chaos on the ground

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The Marais district, the beating heart of Paris

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Latest update : 2014-01-09

Industrial espionnage: The business of spying

The NSA's spying methods continue to anger Washington's allies. Brazilians are furious over allegations that the National Security Agency spied on the country's oil company Petrobras, one of Brazil's economic powerhouses, possibly for financial gain. In this edition of Beyond Business we try to answer the following questions: Who else is the US spying on? And who benefits from the stolen information?

By Nicolas RANSOM , Ali LAIDI

Our guests

Nicolas Arpagian

Specialist in cybersecurity



2015-05-11 sport

Winning the Games: What's the recipe for Olympic success?

The Olympics is a giant shop window for the host nation, providing priceless publicity.

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2015-04-25 Netherlands

Weed and work: Could cannabis legalisation bring an economic jolt?

The debate on whether to legalise marijuana, and the health hazards associated with the drug, is a divisive one, and there are many strong opinions. But in recent years there's...

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2015-04-11 Solidarity

Interest before profit: Making money by saving the world

The private sector is increasingly entering the humanitarian field, flipping the conventional model on how to make a buck.

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2015-03-28 Americas

Race of ideas: is the US pulling away from France?

French intellectuals have helped to shape critical thought and Western philosophy. And France and French academic institutions used to attract thinkers from around the world. But...

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2015-03-14 agribusiness

Knowledge is money: Business intelligence changes Burkina Faso's cotton industry

”Knowledge is power” is a well-known saying. But knowledge is also money. In Burkina Faso, West Africa, business intelligence is key for the local cotton industry.

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