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Interior Minister takes over as France’s Premier

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Former LRA commander, Dominic Ongwen, pleads not guilty to 70 counts of war crimes

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France 24 Turns Ten: How to cover a changing world (part 2)

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Jean-Michel Jarre: Breathing new life into 'Oxygène'

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Park's presidency hanging by thin thread

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Ukraine’s ex-prime minister: ‘Ukraine protects EU borders’

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Karoshi crisis: The Japanese employees who work themselves to death

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US President-elect Donald Trump sparks controversy with his 'improvised diplomacy'

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#THE 51%

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Latest update : 2014-01-15

Egypt’s veiled rapper

In this edition, we discover the Egyptian rapper who wears a hijab and find out how the burqa is making a comeback in Afghanistan. We also examine how an increasing number of countries, including France, are changing their laws on prostitution so that it's the customer who gets punished.

By Annette YOUNG



2016-12-01 pornography

Generation porn: The impact of online pornography on teen sexuality

In this edition, how to talk to teenagers in the age of social media and pornography. We meet two American women, Allison Havey and Deana Puccio, who believe parents are...

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2016-11-25 Pakistan

Pakistani girl power: 'Aware Girls' wins Chirac foundation prize for conflict prevention

In this edition, we're taking a look at how organisations in two neighbouring countries are using novel methods to improve the status of women. We report on a group of young...

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2016-11-18 Donald Trump

The politics of anger: Women activists protest over Donald Trump's victory

In this edition, we report on how American women activists will march on the streets as Donald Trump prepares to enter the White House. Also the cost of being a feminist living...

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2016-11-11 Donald Trump

Equality vs Trump: Changes women could face with the President-elect

In this special edition, with Donald Trump voted in as U.S. President, we're asking how will gender equality fare in Trump's America. Also with 52 percent of white women who...

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2016-11-04 feminism

Feminist Fight Club: A tool kit for dealing with sexism in the office

In this edition, we talk to American writer, Jessica Bennett, whose latest book teaches us how to deal with the "mansplainers" and "manterrupters" in our lives. Also how a new...

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