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"Todos somos Americanos"

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Sydney siege: Australians show solidarity with Muslims

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"Charlie's Country" director Rolf de Heer on the contemporary Aboriginal condition

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Hunt for Joseph Kony and LRA militants continues

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‘China needs Tibetan culture of peace,’ says Dalai Lama

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Immigration in France: Hollande slams scaremongers

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'Charlie's Country' director Rolf de Heer on the contemporary Aboriginal condition

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Egypt: Gay community fears government crackdown

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Taliban school massacre: At least 140 dead in Peshawar assault (part 2)

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#THE 51%

#THE 51%

Latest update : 2014-01-15

Egypt’s veiled rapper

In this edition, we discover the Egyptian rapper who wears a hijab and find out how the burqa is making a comeback in Afghanistan. We also examine how an increasing number of countries, including France, are changing their laws on prostitution so that it's the customer who gets punished.

By Annette YOUNG



2014-12-12 UBER

Uber under fire over female passengers’ safety

The ride-sharing app, Uber, hits a roadblock over its drivers, with questions being asked about whether its female passengers are safe. And the rise of mobile universities: we...

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2014-12-05 India

Questions raised over India’s sterilisation programme

In this edition, we take you inside India's controversial sterilisation camps. Also, we tell you why women in eastern Germany are actually faring better than their western...

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2014-11-27 abortion

France marks 40th anniversary of abortion laws

In this edition, abortion may be legal in France, but for some doctors it's still a sticky issue. Also, making sure there's the right gender mix in the newsroom. And we meet the...

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2014-11-21 violence against women

Ending violence against women: The dangers of trial by Twitter

As we mark the International Day to End Violence against Women, we take a look at whether social media is a friend or foe. Also why changing men's attitudes is vital when it...

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2014-11-14 Canada

Anger in Canada over murders of Aboriginal women

In this edition, we take a look at the growing public anger in Canada over the scores of missing and murdered Aboriginal women. Also: the Kurdish mayor who's watching her Turkish...

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