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Somalia twin bombings kill 18 in Mogadishu

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Arming the "good guys"?

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Gun Control in the United States: Will the Florida shooting be the turning point?

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Giving a voice to the homeless in France

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'Never Again': The students pushing for US gun control

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#TECH 24

A bright future for solar power

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Winter in France's Burgundy vineyards

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How French cyber police are patrolling the 'Dark Web'

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Marseille mon amour: Mediterranean city celebrates love

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Latest update : 2014-01-21

Beatlemania returns!

There’s plenty to "Twist and Shout" about for Beatles fans this week, as all thirteen of their US-issue albums are re-released to mark 50 years since Beatlemania swept the United States. France 24 music critic Mark Thompson tells Catherine Nicholson how these versions differ from the sound that many of the band's European fans will know, thanks to American-oriented mixes and marketing.

We’re also exploring how the Beatles’ legacy still burns brightly today, as Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr prepare to play at the Grammys – along with a host of stars who will perform their own Fab Four tributes.

Also on the show: the lead singer of French band Theodore Paul & Gabriel, Clémence Gabriel, joins us in the studio to tell us how the Beatles influenced her music, and why her band has adopted an androgynous look.

Meanwhile, Dr Dre is hoping to revolutionise the music industry with his own streaming service. We’re finding out how BeatsMusic will use complicated prediction technology to try to anticipate your musical interests – and asking whether it isn’t all just a little stalkerish.

Finally, American soul troubadour Cody Chesnutt is heading to Paris for the "Sons d’Hiver" festival this week – a chance for us to introduce, or re-introduce you to his vintage, lo-fi sound.




2018-02-23 culture

Marseille mon amour: Mediterranean city celebrates love

Paris might have a monopoly on romance when it comes to the public imagination, but the French capital now has some competition from a southern contender. Marseille is hosting...

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2018-02-22 cinema

Oscars sneak peek: 'Call Me By Your Name', 'I, Tonya' and 'Darkest Hour'

We look at one of this year’s Oscar contenders for best picture. "Call Me By Your Name" tells the story of a teenager who comes of age one summer in Italy, when he meets an older...

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2018-02-21 culture

Film show: Berlinale, 'The Shape of Water' and 'I, Tonya'

The #MeToo movement is alive and well at the Berlin Film Festival, after the Golden Globes and the Baftas. In today’s Encore! show, film critic Emma Jones gives us the highlights...

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2018-02-20 Paris

100% Pure Parisian: Comedian Julie Collas helps locals laugh at themselves

Residents of the French capital might not be known for their wide smiles but one stand-up comedian is teaching them to laugh at themselves. Julie Collas’s one-woman show "Oh My...

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2018-02-19 music

Music show: Duck Duck Grey Duck, Femi Kuti, Starchild & the New Romantic

Duck Duck Grey Duck are from Switzerland – a country not often associated with psychedelic surf-rock grooves. Yet their catchy, upbeat pop-rock jams are making waves beyond Lake...

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