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A show produced with photos, videos and personal accounts from our Observers around the world - all checked by our staff here in Paris. Saturday at 10.15 am Paris time.

Latest update : 2014-01-27

Settler violence in the West Bank, illegal dumping in Algeria, and more

A news show produced exclusively from content provided by amateurs. Photos, videos and personal accounts from our network of Observers around the world - all checked by our staff in Paris. First run Saturdays at 8:10 am Paris time.

Story 1:

We begin today with a video that was shot in the West Bank, in a Palestinian village near Nablus. It shows Israeli settlers attacking the village with stones - as Israeli soldiers stand by and watch. Our Observer works for the human rights group that published the amateur video.

A spokesman for the Israeli Defense Forces told France 24 that the soldiers in this incident did not act appropriately, and should have followed standing orders - to alert the police.


Story 2:

Now to Algeria, the Bejaia region in the east, and the beautiful Gouraya National Park -- home to beaches, gorges, and the rare Barbary Macaque monkey. The landscape though is being increasingly spoiled by illegal rubbish dumps.


Story 3:

Now to our weekly roundup of other images and reports sent in by our Observers.

First stop Iran, the city of Zahedan, near the border with Afghanistan and Pakistan. This video was shot in one of the city's tough neighborhoods, Shirabad. It shows clashes that frequently break out among rival gangs there, with even women and children participating. Our Observer says there's so much poverty in southeastern Iran that many residents turn to the drug trade for a living, which leads to clashes over turf.

Now to Ivory Coast, which like many African countries, is crazy about soccer. Well, our observer Eric Kouakou wants to bring in something new - American football. He's created a team called the Treichville Dockers. He says the local kids love the sport, even if it's virtually unknown on the African continent. Eric hopes one day to join Nigeria, currently the only African member of the International Federation of American Football. Yes, there is one.

Next, Saudi Arabia, and the morally questionable practice of swinging. Saudi women already face plenty of restrictions - they're not allowed to drive a car, for instance. This picture has them wondering if there's a ban on swings too. It shows members of the religious police telling women to get off a set of swings, at an unknown location in the kingdom. It's provoked a lot of chatter on the Web, with one woman asking, "What's next, are they going to ban us from the country?"

Last stop, China, in Fuzhou in the southwest. These two university students are hard at work revising for their exams. They've tied their hair to a clothes rack - so they can't fall asleep. It's a nod to an old Chinese legend - a young man so thirsty for knowledge that he tied his hair to a beam, so the pain would keep him from nodding off. The photos have inspired numerous other imitations on Chinese social media.



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A weekly news show produced with photos, videos and personal accounts from France 24 Observers around the world - all checked by our staff here in Paris.

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