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Latest update : 2014-01-29

Ukraine: protesters take Twitter by storm

In this edition: Ukraine's Pro-European protesters take Twitter by storm; American actress Scarlett Johansson at the center of controversy; and a Nunchaku champion showcasing his talent.


"When we don`t lay siege to administration, we lay siege to Twitter." This tweet posted by a Ukrainian web user sums up an operation launched by anti-government protesters on Monday, amid the ongoing protests which began over two months ago in and round Kiev`s Independence Square, now dubbed Euromaidan by demonstrators.

The activist initiative called upon supporters of the movement the world over to post tweets in massive numbers to show support for the anti-government protesters in Ukraine and call for backing from the international community. The online campaigning propelled the #Digitalmaidan hashtag to number one position on Twitter, topping worldwide trending topics.

A purpose built website had a list of pre-written tweets cyber activists could use to target international media outlets for example and urge them to investigate suspicions that Moscow has sent troops to Russia to help Kiev suppress the unrest.

Other tweets reached out to western political leaders such as Barack Obama or David Cameron urging them to impose sanctions on Ukraine in response to the continued use of violence against protesters.

This YouTube video has been relaying a similar message; it features activists asking web users from across the globe to lobby their political representatives and ask them to take targeted measures against the Ukrainian authorities. 



When Scarlett Johansson became a brand ambassador for « Sodastream » the Hollywood actress unwittingly found herself under intense scrutiny as the Israeli company, which manufactures home soda makers, operates factories in an Israeli settlement on the West Bank.

Over the past few days social networkers have been posting parodies of the ads under the #NoScarJo hashtag. Scores of web users feel that by endorsing SodaStream Scarlett Johansson is effectively supporting Israel`s military occupation and have criticized her stance. Not forgetting that she is also known for her work with a humanitarian relief organization.

Indeed, Scarlett Johansson has been an ambassador for poverty fighting NGO Oxfam since 2007. The organization has voiced its opposition to trade from Israeli settlements on many occasions and web users have now launched this online petition calling on Oxfam to sever ties with the actress.

American NGO Code Pink is addressing Scarlett Johansson directly by posting this open letter online asking her to end her relationship with the Israeli company. Johansson has since responded to criticism in a statement released to The Huffington Post. She defends her SodaStream deal saying the company is committed to “building a bridge to peace between Israel and Palestine, supporting neighbors working alongside each other, receiving equal pay, equal benefits and equal rights”.



A Russian ghost ship filled with cannibal rats drifting towards British shores…. The story published last week by UK daily tabloid The Sun certainly got web users worried. Countless media outlets relayed the alarming news which also spread across the web like wild fire… the British Coast Guard however is far from fearful and has released a statement saying that although the ship did exist is has most probably sunk and now lies at the bottom of the ocean.



Twitter`s video sharing service Vine was launched on January 24, 2013 and to mark its first birthday, the microblogging platform has released an 18-minute compilation of the wackiest, funniest and most commented upon 6 second creations from the past twelve months which you can view in one go or vine by vine…


Brazilian artist Mr. Peruca has released a collection of minimalist drawings entitled “Notorious Baldies” paying tribute to some of the most famous fictitious and real life bald people of all time. The posters are on display on the artist`s website and feature the likes of Homer Simpson, Yoda and also Mikhail Gorbachev…



At just 17 years old, Tanguy Guinchard from Switzerland has been crowned European Nunchaku freestyle champion. And you can see him in action, and on fine form, in this video available to view on his YouTube channel…

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