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Latest update : 2014-02-04

Thailand elections: millions kept from voting

In this edition: millions kept from voting in Sunday's elections in Thailand; French web users help track down a man filmed torturing a cat; and a young American hikes over 4 000 kilometers.


It was nowhere near as bad as expected. In fact aside from a few sporadic incidents, there were none of the feared outbreaks of violence during Thailand’s nationwide elections on Sunday February 2nd. But as this online infographic shows, although there were no major incidents, around 25 % of Thailand`s 48 million voters, so some 12 million people, did not cast their ballot. A lot of them were heeding boycott calls from the opposition, but millions of citizens were actually kept from voting by protesters.

Many of those prevented from exercising their right to vote soon took to social networks to relate what was happening. The person who tweeted these posts for example says he was unable to vote because the polling station was closed due to lack of staff to oversee the process. He, like thousands of his fellow citizens, has lodged a complaint against the Election commission, blaming them for the poor organization.

And although many have voiced their anger and indignation via the web, others have taken to the streets. There have been spontaneous protests in front of polling places, with frustrated Thai voters waving their voter identification cards demanding their right to participate in the election.

The Election Commission has announced a second round of voting however specifically for these people, to ensure all eligible voters can cast their ballots. The authorities are set to confirm the date on Thursday.


Despite the psychological trauma and a broken paw, it would seem that Oscar is doing well. France`s Animal Protection Society, the SPA, posted this video to Facebook on Sunday to update web users on the five month old kitten`s well-being, following mass mobilization online to find the man who tortured and abused it.

Web users from across France were determined to find the man who posted two videos to Facebook around ten days ago showing him throwing the animal high up in the air or hurling the same cat into the side of a building. Shocking images that prompted countless calls to the authorities urging them to find the perpetrator as soon as possible and bring him to justice; this online petition for example gathered some 250,000 signatures.

Web users flooded the French police`s "Pharos" cybercrime alert platform with messages denouncing this heinous act. Police were able to track down the suspect who was placed in police custody on Friday and has since been given a one year prison sentence. The national police have also posted a message praising web users for the extensive mobilization which was of great use in their investigations.




Police in Rome have set up a Twitter account @PLRomaCapitale and are asking citizens to report when and where they see cars parked on sidewalks, pedestrian crossings and also double parked. It’s to help in the crackdown on illegal parking and means police can take immediate and more effective action; it is an ongoing issue in Rome, a highly car dense city, where 70 % of residents car owners.



Slovak student Jay Simons has reproduced the map of the world as a map of the Internet, where countries have been replaced by the world`s 500 biggest web companies. There are also four smaller pictures illustrating, amongst other things, the most popular social networks or search engines. You can take a look at the highly detailed map on the site DeviantArt and soon you`ll even be able to take one home with you, with several formats going on sale on



It may be extremely popular but there are over 4 million tracks on music streaming platform Spotify that have never been played, not even once. And so in steps “Forgotify”, which aims to bring these unheard songs out of the shadows and into the limelight. A tool that may well encourage music lovers to try something new and maybe unearth some rare gems…



In 2013 Tyler Fox decided to walk the 4 240 kilometer long Pacific Crest Trail, one of the longest hiking trails in the world. He pulled off this somewhat crazy feat, in 142 days, and has posted this video online, comprised of 3 second clips filmed along the way. So sit back, relax and lose yourself in the great outdoors from the comfort of your own home.

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