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How to Stop Ebola: Center for Disease Control Confirms First Case of Virus in US

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Latest update : 2014-02-17

USA: Ron Paul launches clemency petition for Snowden

In this edition: a new clemency petition for Edward Snowden launched in the US; US singer-songwriter Pharrell Williams gets the whole world dancing; and Snowboarding around the streets of New York City.


Former member of the House of Representatives Ron Paul has started a petition drive calling on his fellow citizens to pressure the US authorities to grant clemency to famous whistle-blower Edward Snowden, currently in Russia where he has sought asylum, so that he can go back to the US without the fear of persecution or prison.

The petition is available on Paul`s website and comes with a video in which the ex-presidential candidate praises Edward Snowden for what he describes as his courageous actions in exposing the extent of the NSA`s mass surveillance program. He says it’s time to bring Snowden out of exile and back home.

And there are similar online initiatives already underway in the US. Another appeal has been launched on petitioning platform “We the People” demanding all charges against Edward Snowden be dropped. It’s garnered some 153,000 signatures.

But Snowden`s supporters don`t seem to be under any illusions and say if the US authorities reject their demands, they hope other countries will grant him asylum. Around 1,111,000 people have signed this online document posted to calling on Brazil to take him in once his amnesty in Russia expires on July 31st.


This video was made by a group of Parisians and is one of countless remakes of the video clip for the Pharrell William hit “Happy” that have been flooding the web in recent weeks. From Sydney to Tunis to Hong Kong, web users the world over have been copying the American singer-songwriter`s music clip and filming themselves strutting their stuff around their local streets, to show as many people as possible, just how “happy” they are!

The craze was inspired by the 24 hour interactive music clip which features Pharrell Williams and hundreds of extras dancing around Los Angeles. Two French producers, Pierre Dupaquier and Clément Durou, aka We are from LA, came up with the concept and it soon sparked an avalanche of copycat videos.

The site “We are happy from” was set up at the end of January, as the new craze grew. It catalogues all the videos produced across the globe and reports that some 236 clips have been made so far. 

The “ happy” fever is indeed contagious, it`s even spread to Kiev, in Ukraine currently in the midst of a serious political crisis … anti-government “Euromaidan” protesters in Independence Square have made their own “Happy” video, sharing their hopes for the country`s future.


#RenaudLavillenie has been trending on social networks after breaking the indoor pole vault world record this weekend, vaulting 6.16 meters. Web users in France and abroad have been congratulating the 27 year old Frenchman, praising the Olympic champion for his exceptional performance and fantastic achievement. And Renaud Lavillenie himself has also taken to Twitter saying he still can`t quite believe it!



Chris Mohney is a film maker from New York, and his short film project “Play” will see 12 kids equipped with cameras and let loose in the playground to recreate playtime as children experience it. The project will approach different themes such as friendship, competition and curiosity and is seeking funding from web users via crowd-funding platform Kickstarter, where a teaser for the film is already available.



As the « Dogs in Pubs » Tumblr blog suggests, taking your dog to the pub is something of a British tradition. And when man`s best friend gets inside, well they`re not always on their best behavior and won`t settle for sitting quietly in a corner. Some lean on the bar placing their orders, others relax and enjoy the comfortable surroundings and some get involved in some intense bar chat.


Some have made the most of the fresh snow storms that have hit New York City over the weekend, to get out their winter sports gear and have some fun. As we can see here, Casey Neistat for example went snowboarding around the Big Apple. And you can check out all of his exploits on YouTube.

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