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Latest update : 2014-02-24

A look at Ukraine’s presidential palace

In this edition: a look inside Viktor Yanukovych`s presidential palace; random acts of kindness replace the controversial “Neknominations”; and a catwalk model goes base-jumping.


A garage with dozens, hundred even, of vintage cars and motorbikes… contrary to what one might think this is not footage from an automobile museum. We are looking at Viktor Yanukovych`s luxury country estate and the images were filmed on Saturday, just a few hours before the Ukrainian president was removed from power. A number of videos have been posted online attesting to the incredible discoveries inside this sprawling property in the suburbs of Kiev.

Walking around the grounds, Ukrainians were left open mouthed by the fallen president`s very own gas station, golf course, not to mention the tropical greenhouses and private zoo complete with farm animals and some exotic species like ostriches…

Another totally unexpected find around Yanukovych`s abandoned home; the replica galleon floating on an artificial lake. As we can see from this video which has been doing the rounds on sharing sites, some were able to get inside the vast ship with its sumptuous décor and well stocked cellar.

And in addition to these jaw dropping discoveries, those who actually went inside the former head of state`s house were able to gather numerous documents, although some were fished out of water. Yanukovych and his entourage had evidently being trying to destroy the paperwork which included suspicious looking invoices as well as the names and photos of government opponents deemed to pose a threat, like members of Femen for example…



23 year old Julien Voinson from Bordeaux, France handed out food and drink to homeless people and nominated three friends to do the same. Neknominations have been dominating social media recently, but instead or downing or necking an alcoholic drink in one go, posting the video online and challenging others in their network to do the same, some have been using the online drinking game to do some good…

With the “Neknomination” craze claiming its fifth victim last week, a 20 year old British man, many are now turning towards this new, so called “Smart Nomination” initiative. It`s proving increasingly popular on social media, the purpose built Facebook page for example has over 12,000 likes and counting.

And with each nominee designating three others to do a good deed, the chain of solidarity has soon gained momentum, with participants filming their smart nomination which often involves giving food to someone living on the streets.

People have also been posting under the #RAKnomination hashtag, for “Random Act of Kindess”. As we can see in these YouTube videos, people have been coming up with all sorts of ways to do something nice for someone else. Giving flowers to random strangers for example, or clearing the snow from parked cars and also handing out umbrellas to passersby.



Mexican drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán was arrested on Saturday and has been trending on social media platforms since with web users hailing the news. Mexico`s president Enrique Pena Nieto for example has praised the police and all those involved in capturing the infamous drug dealer who has been on the run for the past 13 years. And social networkers across the country are calling for exemplary punishment for the now former head of the Sinaloa cartel.



The “Ratopia Restaurant Map” available on the Gothamist website maps restaurants across New York City according to the likelihood of spotting a rat or mouse there. Journalist Steve Melendez took health department inspection data from January 2013 onwards and counted the number of restaurants where evidence or rats or mice had been reported… and you may never want to eat out again as the map highlights that whether you head to Brooklyn, the Bronx or Manhattan there is at least a 20 % probability that there`s a rodent on the premises…



24 year old Jake Lockett has really progressed as an artist over the years… and you can see just how much on the British artist`s website where he is exhibiting drawings from aged two and upwards. The collection is called “Drawing Progression” and showcases characters dreamt up during his childhood to the more surrealist style of his adult years.



In this astonishing video we see Italian catwalk model Roberta Mancino and several base jumpers hurtling down a mountain side in evening attire… the clip is available on the GoPro YouTube channel and takes high fashion to a whole new level…

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