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Anonymous Vs ISIS

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Christian Kastrop, Director of Policy Studies, OECD

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Latest update : 2014-03-02

Katy Perry video sparks outrage online

In this edition: the new Katy Perry video sparks outrage online; Adidas t-shirts cause controversy in Brazil; and basketball fans stage a halftime flash mob…


Over 65,000 people have signed this petition posted to on Tuesday, asking YouTube to remove Katy Perry`s “Dark Horse” video from the video sharing platform. Muslim web users say it is offensive because it features a man wearing a pendant inscribed with the word Allah, turned into dust by the American pop star. Petitioners see this as an attack on Islam and say the video is blasphemous. 

Web users have also been voicing their outrage and indignation on social networks; with a constant stream of tweets for Katy Perry blasting her disrespect for the Muslim community. Some, clearly furious, are calling for a boycott of her albums. 

Strong opposition that has prompted Katy Perry fans to also speak out, and defend their idol, saying the criticism is unreasonable and has been blown out of proportion. But the online campaigning has resulted in the pop star`s people to edit the controversial video. And the now famous pendant is nowhere to be seen…



When Adidas released these two t-shirts ahead of this summer`s Football World Cup in Brazil, they were not expecting such a backlash. One has an “I love Brazil" heart resembling the upside-down buttocks of a woman wearing a thong bikini bottom… And the other features the words “looking to score” with a woman in a bikini … the products were soon met with fierce criticism, and were withdrawn from sale on Tuesday. 

Which is exactly what Brazil`s Tourism Board had requested in an open letter to Adidas, saying the company was sexualizing Brazil`s image and encouraging the idea that the country was a destination for sexual tourism. The president Dilma Roussef voiced a similar opinion on Twitter, saying Brazil was happy to greet tourists for the World Cup, but in no way tolerated this type of crime on its territory. 

Web users didn`t like the t-shirts either, and have been slamming the sportswear and accessories company on social networks. Many are pleased the t-shirts are no longer on sale, saying they are sexist and insulting to Brazilian women. 

But not all web users approve of the move. And with the Ministry of Sport releasing images deemed more appropriate for promoting the World Cup, some accuse the authorities of being hypocritical. Netizens say Brazil has always used women to attract tourists and so it’s not fair that Adidas should be reprehended for doing the same.



Oscar Pistorius`s PR team set up the @OscarHardTruth Twitter account on Sunday ahead of his murder trial due to open in Pretoria on March 3. The aim is to relay the South African athlete’s version of what happened on the night he shot and killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, and correct any false information circulating in the media. The Twitter handle already has 24,000 followers and there is also his official website which has since been devoted to the case - a story that has generated enormous global interest.



“Some people assume I am quiet, boring, or shy, without ever realizing that I just don`t want to talk to them”. This is the type of tweet you`ll find on the @GSElevator handle, which compiles sarcastic comments and banter apparently overheard in the Goldman Sachs elevators. But it turns out they`re not actually exchanges between employees of the American investment banking firm, and have been made up by a certain John Lefevre, for a bit of fun and a playful swipe at investment bankers.



New York based photographers Davide Luciano and Claudia Ficca have been turning the countless potholes that form during the cold winter months in North America into works of art… with nods to Alice in Wonderland, Baywatch and also good old Santa… this stunning collection is called “Mypotholes” and is available to view on the artists` website.



When the University of Maryland basketball team has a game, not all the action is on the pitch…sometimes you need to look to the bleachers. As we can see in this video posted online this week, the entire student section staged a flashmob during Monday`s half time break against Syracuse. A great way of supporting their team and you can check out the performance from start to finish on YouTube.

By Electron Libre



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