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Latest update : 2014-03-04

Ukraine: Activists work to counter Russian narrative

In this edition: Ukrainian activists take issue with Russian television coverage; Ugandan women protest against sexual harassment; and an alternative way to go sightseeing in Israel.


On Sunday Ukrainian hackers targeted the website of pro-kremlin English language television network Russia Today, to denounce the Russian media`s coverage of recent events in Ukraine. The attack lasted twenty minutes or so and saw the words “Russian” or “Russia” momentarily replaced by the word “Nazi” in a number of articles published on the platform. 

The operation was one of many in response to Moscow`s intervention in Ukraine and how it is being portrayed by pro-Russia media and web users. Activists have taken to social networks in their droves sharing documents that challenge what they describe as misinformation being circulated by television channels with close ties to the Kremlin. This footage filmed in the city of Dnipropetrovsk, on Saturday, suggests the majority of residents back Russia and has been widely relayed on Russia social media. But activists say it does not reflect the facts, and have uploaded this video in which we see thousands of Ukrainian demonstrators gathered in the same city, on Sunday, singing Ukraine`s national anthem, showing unity and no signs of inter-ethnic conflict. 

Some activists are even claiming the pro-Kremlin rallies staged in various Ukrainian cities over the past few days have been orchestrated by Russia. Accusations that have been partially substantiated by these documents which have been doing the rounds online and allege the young man who raised the Russian flag on a government building in Kharkiv was not Ukrainian and actually comes from Moscow.


Ugandan women are protesting against sexual harassment with the « End Mini-Skirt Harassment » Facebook campaign. They have also taken their campaign to the streets, as we can see in these photos taken last Wednesday in the capital Kampala, where two hundred activists gathered to defend their right to be able to dress as they chose without fearing for their safety. 

As the centre for Domestic Violence protection, CEDOVIP, explains on its Facebook page, the campaigning follows a series of incidents where women have been harassed or assaulted. According to various accounts posted online, a number of women have been forced to remove their miniskirts or tight fitting trousers in public, clothing deemed indecent. 

Uganda`s president Yoweri Museveni signed an anti-pornography bill into law recently and as some web users have pointed out it has been wrongly described as an anti-mini skirt law, and many are misinterpreting it. 

Indeed, a lot of Ugandans appear to be using an older version of the bill, from 2011, which included a dress code provision, as an excuse to target people they deem improperly dressed. It gave a very vague definition of pornography, banning indecent acts, behaviour or clothing without clarifying what constitutes an offence. The Prime Minister eventually responded to the confusion saying the new legislation will be recalled and reviewed. He also urged citizens not to take the law into their own hands. 


With the interactive map on the Bear Tracker website, you can follow the movements of 13 polar bears as they pad across the sea ice on Hudson Bay, in Canada. The platform provides all sorts of information on the animals, like how many kilometres they have covered since tracking began, or how much they weigh. The data is collected using GPS devices scientists have placed around the bears` necks. 


Basketball fans have been posting under the hashtag #MaskedLeBron poking fun at NBA star LeBron James` new look. The Miami Heat player broke his nose last week and has had to wear a protective mask since. And of course it`s made him the butt of countless jokes and parodies, with web users saying James now looks more like a superhero or a movie character than a basketball star. 


Audrey Hepburn, Barack Obama and also Kate Middleton and Prince William covered in body ink… these are just some of the unusual pics displayed on the “Shopped Tattoos” Tumblr blog. They were put together by American tattoo artist Cheyenne Randall, who used image editing software to create a parallel universe where well known faces, past and present, look like veritable rock stars. 


When Russian parkourists Vasily Patrakov and Alex Chigretskiy went to Israel on a two week trip, they didn`t follow the regular sightseeing tours, they wanted to see the country from a different point of view. And as we can see in this video, they ran, climbed, swung and jumped their way around the different cities they went to visit. This adrenaline packed clip is available to view in its entirety on all good video sharing platforms.

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