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Interior Minister takes over as France’s Premier

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Former LRA commander, Dominic Ongwen, pleads not guilty to 70 counts of war crimes

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France 24 Turns Ten: How to cover a changing world (part 2)

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Jean-Michel Jarre: Breathing new life into 'Oxygène'

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Park's presidency hanging by thin thread

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Ukraine’s ex-prime minister: ‘Ukraine protects EU borders’

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Karoshi crisis: The Japanese employees who work themselves to death

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US President-elect Donald Trump sparks controversy with his 'improvised diplomacy'

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Latest update : 2014-04-21

Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl's labour of love

On today’s musical edition of Encore! we catch up with Sean Lennon and his girlfriend and musical partner-in-crime Charlotte Kemp Muhl as their new album "Midnight Sun" comes out. The pair open up to France 24 music critic Mariam Saab about what inspired their latest album, what it’s like to manage Sean’s mother, Yoko Ono, and whether a Beatles sons' tour is on the cards.

Plus: her milkshake may have brought all the boys to the yard, but will singer-songwriter Kelis’ new serving of sounds on her latest album “Food” continue to tantalise listeners? 

And we take a look at a touching cover of Australian singer Chrissy Amphlett’s iconic tune. A year after the Australian rock singer passed away after losing her battle with breast cancer, her wish for her song “I touch myself” to become an anthem for women’s health has been realised.




2016-12-06 Culture

Jean-Michel Jarre: Breathing new life into 'Oxygène'

It’s been 40 years since his best-selling album "Oxygène" was released and sold 18 million copies around the world. Jean-Michel Jarre has now released "Oxygène 3" to mark the...

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2016-12-05 Culture

Music Show: Electro star Agoria stays 'Up All Night'

We meet Sébastien Devaud, the DJ, producer and beatmaker known as Agoria. His new EP "Up All Night" saw him working with visual artists as well as musicians; Agoria tells us why...

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2016-12-02 music

Rendez-vous on '42nd Street' as the meta musical comes to Paris

The Theatre du Châtelet stands in for Broadway, as a new production of "42nd Street" delights French audiences. The show’s stars Monique Young and Alexander Hanson join us in the...

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2016-12-01 Catherine Deneuve

French leading lady Catherine Deneuve speaks to FRANCE 24

France's favourite leading lady sits down with FRANCE 24 in Burma at the Memory International Film Festival where she’s the guest of honour. Catherine Deneuve talks about the...

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2016-11-30 cinema

Film show: 'Moana', 'Ma' Rosa' & 'Wolf and Sheep'

We sail to the southern seas with Disney's new heroine, Moana. The pocket-sized Polynesian protagonist shirks the princess label and forges her own adventures on land and sea....

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