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France: 2014 in review

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#THE 51%

South Africa: Taking a stand against child marriage

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The Future of the Book

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The Future of the Book (part 2)

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France 24’s best documentaries of 2014

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'We have to build a new Tunisia', says the president of the Tunisian Parliament

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France on alert after attacks: a case of collective hysteria?

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'Beijing needs to revaluate its policy in the Tibetan areas', says FM of the Tibetan government-in-exile

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Uruguay: freed Guantanamo detainees try to adjust to normal life

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Latest update : 2014-03-19

Celebrities talk about missing Malaysia Airlines flight

In this edition: celebrities commenting on the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370; web users in Pakistan seeking justice for a rape victim; and Superman gets a Go pro camera.


Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 that went missing on March 8 has gripped the globe and web users the world over have been carrying out their own investigations, some more serious than others, to try and locate the Boeing 777 and the 239 people on board. A number of celebrities have also turned detective … American singer Courtney Love for example posted a series of messages to Facebook and Twitter on Monday saying she had perhaps spotted the much sought after plane. Her posts came with screen shots from crowd sourced search platform, Tomnod; she says the photos show the plane`s wreckage and oil slicks, near to the island of Pulau Perak.

And of course web users didn`t waste much time in making fun of her `discovery` … but she`s not the first well known face to put forward a theory on the mystery of the missing plane. Soon after flight MH370 disappeared without trace media tycoon Rupert Murdoch shared his understanding of the story via Twitter. He believes jihad terrorists are behind it. Countless web users beg to differ however saying there has been no evidence to prove this is the case.

And some public figures have come under fire for making light of the situation. Actor Jason Biggs for example who played the lead in the American Pie movies posted a joke to Twitter making reference to the missing Malaysian Airlines aircraft. And it got a hostile reception from social networkers…


Web users from Pakistan have been posting under the #Justice4Amina Twitter hashtag, following the death of Amina Bibi. The 18 year old victim of gang rape set herself on fire on Thursday after one of her alleged attackers was released by police; she succumbed to her wounds the next day. Web users have been slamming the police decision, saying it illustrates Pakistan`s flawed justice system which does more for culprits than for their victims.

The NGO « Human Rights Commission of Pakistan » has voiced a similar sentiment in this statement. It is concerned this case will dissuade other women from reporting a sexual attack. The organization is urging the government to take concrete measures to provide better protection for rape victims, and Pakistan`s Supreme Court has reopened the enquiry into the Amina Bibi rape case, on its own initiative.

This legal process, whereby a court acts without one of the parties involved in the case asking them to do so, is called Suo Moto. Web users have been posting under the #SuoMotuTerror et #SuoMotuJoke hashtags pointing out it`s too late to reopen the enquiry, and it is not right that someone should have to die before justice is done. There has also been online criticism of the poor women`s rights record in Pakistan, with netizens saying its high time the laws were changed to avoid similar tragedies in the future. 


Venezuelan beauty queens have launched the #Misses4Peace Twitter and Facebook campaign, appealing for an end to the turmoil which has disrupted the country, where 28 people have been killed in anti-government protests since the start of February. The movement was initiated by Miss Trujillo 2005, Angelika Hernandez, who is asking her fellow models to pose with a message calling for peace and post the image to social media. And web users across the globe have also joined the campaign, as we can see from these shots that have been doing the rounds online.


UK based office furniture supplier Chair Office has put together this infographic outlining twelve world records you can break during your lunch break. So you could attempt to eat a pizza in less than 41.31 seconds, or spin a basketball on one finger for over 10 minutes and 33 seconds, or how about doing over 90 push-ups with claps in one minute? Unusual challenges that aim to get workers to take a proper lunch break.


Artist Halley Docherty has taken well known historical paintings of city scenes around the world and superimposed them on to present day Google Street View screenshots; bringing works from the likes of Francesco Guardi, Canaletto and also Edward Hopper to cities including Venice, New York and Istanbul. The collection is available to view on the website of British daily The Guardian, and also on the Imgur platform. 


Production company Corridor Digital has given Superman a Go Pro camera so web users can get on in the action as the superhero goes about fighting crime… the video, packed with fantastic special effects and made using a drone, is available to view on all good video sharing platforms.

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2014-12-24 Gaza Strip

Gaza children draw what their future will look like

In this edition: Gaza’s children draw their hopes for the future; a Chinese HIV positive boy’s story moves local net users; and Dude Perfect members show off their pool skills.

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2014-12-23 New York

Critics slam NYC mayor in wake of police murders

In this edition : New York Mayor harshly criticised after two police officers murdered; men riding Big Apple subway urged to close their legs; and US site JibJab offers a musical...

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2014-12-22 Internet

Web users criticize Sony for pulling "The Interview"

In this edition : Sony and the North American leader, Kim Jong-Un bear the brunt of net users’ criticism; the Glo Up challenge goes viral; and an American man floats into the air...

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2014-12-19 Cuba

Web users react to Cuba and the US normalizing relations

In this edition: web users react to the U.S. and Cuba normalizing relations; Turkish football fans on trial for terrorism; and a Californian man creates a Christmas sound and...

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2014-12-20 Internet

Connected toys are a must-have for Christmas

“Xeno” is a pet monster. It has lots of little sensors so it moves around when children touch him. He is one of the latest Christmas must haves in the world of new technology.

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