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Trump advisor: 'Muslim Americans would be first to help with immigrant vetting'

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Cameroon mourns train crash victims

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Support as well as criticism online for evacuation of 'Jungle' Calais camp

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Calais Migrant Camp Dismantled: Short-term solution to long-term problem? (part 1)

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Calais Migrant Camp Dismantled: Short-term solution to long-term problem? (part 2)

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The attack of the magpies in Australia and viral videos of the ghanaian presidential election

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What next for migrant children after France clears Calais 'Jungle' camp?

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Music show: Blossoms, CRX and Pitchfork Music Festival Paris

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Belgian region defies EU over CETA free trade deal

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#THE 51%

#THE 51%

Latest update : 2014-04-01

Afghanistan's first woman vice-president?


In this edition, we hit the road with Habiba Sarabi who is campaigning to become Afghanistan's first female vice president. Also, the right to be a mother: we look at how a disabled young woman in Madagascar has spoken out about her forced sterilisation. Finally, we head to the Ivory Coast, where how you wear your hair is becoming a statement of pride.

By Annette YOUNG



2016-10-21 Hillary Clinton

The Trump effect: Sexism scandals put gender on the map in US election

In this edition, how Donald Trump's behaviour has made women's equality a hot button issue in the U.S. presidential election. We also speak about how the gender divide has become...

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2016-10-14 jihad

An almost fatal attraction: The woman who lived to tell the tale of life under IS group

In this edition, the tale of a young Belgian woman who went to live in Syria under the Islamic State group and returned. She now warns others of the dangers of radical Islam. We...

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2016-10-07 Bangladesh

Colombia's national trauma: A half-century conflict's toll on women

In this edition, as Colombia reels from a referendum that rejected a peace deal to end the civil war, a timely reminder of the women who've suffered during the half-century...

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2016-09-30 Iran

Online and proud: Iranian women use social media in a campaign for equality

In this edition, we meet the Iranian woman journalist who's behind a social media campaign against the mandatory wearing of the veil. Also, how Iranian women are defying a fatwa...

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2016-09-23 women

Pay Up: Further research reveals significant pay gaps between men and women still exist

In this edition, once again there is further confirmation that despite being 2016, women are still not catching up with men when it comes to salaries. We also meet Romy Newman, a...

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