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Somalia: car bomb outside presidential palace kills at least 10

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Socialists complain of Macron's 'betrayal' of Hollande

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France Ambassadors Conference: Hollande outlines foreign policy priorities (part 1)

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Video: Meeting US inmates as Obama pushes for criminal justice reform

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From the archives: Caught in the crossfire in Colombia

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Video: Harlan Coben on suspense, suburbia and success

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Democratic Republic of Congo: Inside Camp Garlic, a stronghold of ADF militia

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Rousseff defends her track record

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#THE 51%

#THE 51%

Latest update : 2014-04-01

Afghanistan's first woman vice-president?


In this edition, we hit the road with Habiba Sarabi who is campaigning to become Afghanistan's first female vice president. Also, the right to be a mother: we look at how a disabled young woman in Madagascar has spoken out about her forced sterilisation. Finally, we head to the Ivory Coast, where how you wear your hair is becoming a statement of pride.

By Annette YOUNG



2016-07-14 women

The right stuff: Who and what makes a good leader

In this edition, as Theresa May becomes Britain’s second female Prime Minister, we meet Dana White, a leadership consultant based in Washington and former advisor to Republican...

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2016-07-08 Brexit

Political 'womenpower': Women leaders seen to be cleaning up the mess post-Brexit

In this edition, we look at how female politicians -- both in the UK and here on the continent -- will be the ones attempting to clean up the mess in the wake of the Brexit...

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2016-07-01 women

Unlocking the code: Women refugees offered classes in coding

In this edition, we meet Josephine Goube from Techfugees, a NGO that works with the tech community to educate woman refugees on the art of coding. Also, a highly-damning report...

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2016-06-24 women

In her own image: Women in Art

In this special edition, we’re focusing on women and art. Frida Kahlo, Georja O’Keefe and more recently, Tracey Emin are among the very few artists who managed to make a name....

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2016-06-16 USA

The rape that shocked America: Stanford sexual assault case sparks global debate

In this edition, we take a look at the continuing fallout from the highly controversial Stanford rape case that's sparked a global debate on sexual consent. Also we talk to...

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