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Europe's Plan for Putin - Will Russian Leader Bend After New Sanctions? (part 2)

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Europe's Plan for Putin - Will Russian Leader Bend After New Sanctions?

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Web users show solidarity with Iraqi Christians

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Gilles Kepel, Islamic and Arab world specialist

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Too Late for Sanctions? Pressure Mounts on Russia over Ukraine (part 2)

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Too Late for Sanctions? Pressure Mounts on Russia over Ukraine

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'What would you do?'

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Latest update : 2014-04-01

French humorist sparks controversy with online video

In this edition: French comedian Rémi Gaillard sparks controversy with his latest video; Canadian Inuit take to social networks to defend seal hunting; and an extreme sportsman bungee jumping on his bike.


French comedian Rémi Gaillard, known for his hidden camera pranks, is at the centre of lively debate on the web. On Friday 28th March he posted this video entitled “Free Sex” online. We see him playing with perspective to mime sex acts with unsuspecting members of the public. The video has been met with widespread condemnation across France.

Hundreds of social networkers and women in particular, have voiced their outrage over what they deem to be a sexist video and in extremely poor taste. What makes it all the more shocking they say is that it appears to normalize even glorify rape culture. The author of the “une jeune idiote” Tumblr blog says Rémi Gaillard is objectifying women`s bodies and trivializing street harassment.

Rémi Gaillard responded to the criticism via his Facebook page on Saturday, sarcastically saying he was looking for an adult videos site to host his video, but has had no interest because the famous clip does not have enough sexually explicit content to be deemed pornographic. In a second post on Sunday he says he`s exercising his right to freedom of expression and boasts about the video`s success as it has racked up 3,200,000 hits and counting on YouTube.


Posing in seal-skin furs and posting the photo to social networks: Canadian Inuit have been defending seal hunting through these “sealfies” and protesting host Ellen DeGeneres' decision to highlight an anti-seal hunting charity on Oscars night by donating the one and half million dollars raised by that Oscars selfie, the most retweeted photo of all time, to an animal welfare group that campaigns against seal hunts.

The “sealfie” movement began on Twitter when Alethea Arnaquq-Baril posted a picture with the caption “I am an Inuit seal-meat eater, and my fur is ethical, humane”. The film maker has also shared a letter sent to Ellen DeGeneres on Facebook. She explains that seal hunting is regulated nowadays and is important for Arctic peoples.

Other Inuit campaigner shave opted to post photos illustrating the reality of seal hunting, and the cultural and financial benefits of what they see as an ethical and sustainable choice. Trying to show it is not necessarily “an atrocious and inhumane act” as Ellen DeGeneres claims on her website.

17 year old Inuk Killaq Enuaraq-Strauss has produced a video in which she says Ellen DeGeneres is helping spread misinformation about a practice which is simply a means of survival in her part of the world, where seals provide food and clothes for families that can`t necessarily afford to go to the stores.


Brian Singer was alarmed by number of motorists he saw texting at the wheel, and so he decided to expose them online. The San Francisco resident set up the “Twitspotting” website on which he posts photos of drivers caught in the act. As he explains in an interview for the Gizmodo platform, some photos have also featured on billboards he has rented across the region, with his own money. Web users can also submit photos, although the initiative does raise questions over privacy.


#BabySuiting is a new Internet meme which sees babies dressed up in suits. It was started by New York based blogger Ilana Wiles aka Mommyshorts and soon went viral. Sharing sites like Twitter and Instagram have become inundated with photos of little ones swamped in corporate gear over the past few weeks, and now pics of babies in uniform are also starting to emerge.



A creepy clown has been spotted lurking around NYC`s Staten Island and web users have been wondering who is behind the mask… questions were raised after these photos of a clown terrorizing motorists were posted to Instagram two weeks ago. Speculation has been rife on social networks, but the clown was finally unmasked on Twitter a couple of days ago. And of course it`s all part of a marketing ploy orchestrated by production company “Fuzz on the Lens” which specializes in horror movies. 


In this video we see extreme sportsman Kevin Bigeard speeding down a ramp on his bicycle before bungee jumping off the end. He headed to the “Bun J Ride” park in Saint Jean de Sixt in the Haute-Savoie to do it and you can check out the adrenaline packed clip on YouTube…

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2014-07-29 Ghana

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