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Nigerian air force mistakenly bombs refugee camp killing at least 50 people

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Brexit Means Hard Brexit

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Hard Brexit, here we come: UK to leave EU common market (part 1)

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Hard Brexit, here we come: The blowback against globalisationt (part 2)

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Art on the wire and online: Jean-Hubert Martin on curating in cyberspace

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Inside China's answer to Silicon Valley

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Behind the scenes at China's Harbin snow festival

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'Donald Trump is a great friend of Israel'

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Davos 2017: World Economic Forum wary of post-Brexit future

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#THE 51%

A program about women who are reshaping our world. Join us every Friday at 4:40 pm Paris time and check out our Facebook page: FRANCE24.51percent.

Latest update : 2014-04-18

Breaking stereotypes

In this edition, we're focusing on women at work. We head to Dubai to meet the women who are breaking stereotypes and moving into sectors long dominated by men. Also: why having more women in leadership positions is better for business. Finally, we look at micro-financing, where small loans can result in big returns.

By Emilie LAMBERT , Yara JAMALI ELO , Stéphanie CHEVAL , Annette YOUNG



2017-01-13 Yemen

Threat to U.S. abortion rights: Pro-choice activists prepare to take on Trump

In this edition, for America's pro-choice activists, the battle lines are being drawn as Donald Trump prepares to enter the White House. We talk to Vicki Saporta from the...

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2016-12-15 France

Ensuring space for all

In this edition, the battle against gender segregation in public spaces in French cities. Also how South Korean authorities are taking on hitech voyeurs; not easy in a country...

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2016-12-08 work

Diving back in: Offering support for French mothers returning to work

In this edition, how French mothers are being taught to use their parenting skills to their advantage when they re-enter the workforce. Also we meet Helen Darbishire from Access...

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2016-12-01 pornography

Generation porn: The impact of online pornography on teen sexuality

In this edition, how to talk to teenagers in the age of social media and pornography. We meet two American women, Allison Havey and Deana Puccio, who believe parents are...

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2016-11-25 Pakistan

Pakistani girl power: 'Aware Girls' wins Chirac foundation prize for conflict prevention

In this edition, we're taking a look at how organisations in two neighbouring countries are using novel methods to improve the status of women. We report on a group of young...

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