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Libya violence: At least four foreigners among those killed in hotel attack

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Michelle Obama was not blurred out on Saudi TV

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New Escalation: Cross-Border Shelling Between Israel, Lebanon (part 2)

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New Escalation: Cross-Border Shelling Between Israel, Lebanon (part 1)

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A Lebanese prison 'run by Islamists', and children tear-gassed in Kenya

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Pegida, the movement dividing Germany

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Film Show: 'The Imitation Game', 'Phoenix' and the French Oscars

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#TECH 24

'The Imitation Game': A Tribute to Alan Turing, the Father of Computers

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Greek elections: A domino effect in France?

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#THE 51%

#THE 51%

Latest update : 2014-05-16

European elections: A balancing act


Europe heads to the polls this month to vote in a new parliament. We take a look at what's at stake when it comes to women's issues. Also, we talk to our Europe editor, Christophe Robeet, about whether these elections will result in greater female participation. And in the United States, federal investigators target 55 colleges over their handling of sexual assault cases.

By Annette YOUNG , Stéphanie CHEVAL , Jennifer LUSH , Charles BOBE



2015-01-22 women

Chile's abortion debate

In this edition, we look at how a rape case in Chile has reignited the abortion debate, prompting an outcry from both sides of the political spectrum. Also, lifting the veil on...

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2015-01-16 Laos

Laos: The challenges of family planning

In this special edition, we focus on women's reproductive health. Annette Young and Aurore Dupuis head to Laos where it's a bumpy road, in more ways than one, as the UN rolls out...

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2015-01-09 France

Parental leave in France: The stigma of being a stay-at-home dad

In this edition, we look at the stigma of being a stay-at-home dad. Also: just how far have we come in 20 years since that watershed conference in Beijing on women's rights? And...

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2014-12-19 women

South Africa: Taking a stand against child marriage

Since it's the holiday period, in this edition, we’re bringing you a collection of stories from this year including a report on tribal women taking a stand against child marriage...

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2014-12-19 Christmas

Are toys really us?

It’s Christmas time, the busiest time of year for toy sellers across the globe. So what messages are we giving children when we pick out their gifts? Also on the show, the...

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