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Cannes 2017: 'The Square', Sofia Coppola and Joaquin Phoenix take top prizes

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The violinist of Venezuela's protests; and France's dying bees

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Famine used as a weapon of war in South Sudan

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Let's talk Africa-Asia partnerships (part 2)

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Let's talk Africa-Asia partnerships (part 1)

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British Airways IT debacle could cost the airline big

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Security in Europe: Is there more that could or should be done?

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Is this the end of the Western post-war order?

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Living with the 'new normal': How govts need to innovate in the fight against terrorism

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#THE 51%

A program about women who are reshaping our world. Join us every Friday at 4:40 pm Paris time and check out our Facebook page: FRANCE24.51percent.

Latest update : 2014-05-30

D-Day's 70th anniversary: The dark side of liberation

In this edition, as Europe prepares to mark the 70th anniversary of D-Day, we talk to a historian who's offering a darker take on the liberation of France. And we also meet the woman who worked for Winston Churchill's school for spies. Plus the woman leading France's far-right, who's now giving the country's mainstream political parties a run for their money.

By Annette YOUNG



2017-05-25 women's rights

Ridding workplaces of sexism: What companies can do to banish outdated attitudes

In this edition, with Fox News in the headlines over multiple claims of sexual harassment and misogyny, we talk to British work and organisational psychologist, Dr Angela Carter,...

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2017-05-18 French Presidential Elections 2017

Equality and the new French government

In this edition, he may have filled half of his Cabinet with women but France's new President Emmanuel Macron attracts criticism for failing to create a ministry for women's...

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2017-05-12 religion

Equal before God: Reconciling feminism with faith

In this special edition, we take a look at those who refuse to believe feminism is incompatible with religious beliefs. Facing a shortage of Roman Catholic priests, women...

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2017-05-04 India

The morality squad: Questions over Indian police unit fighting sexual harassment

In this edition, the Indian police charged with ending sexual harassment on the streets, find themselves the target of criticism for being over-zealous on the job. Also, Hillary...

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2017-04-28 Saudi Arabia

Sparking an outrage: Saudi Arabia elected to UN commission on women's rights

In this edition, fury as Saudi Arabia -- a country you wouldn't necessarily equate with promoting gender equality -- is elected to a UN commission on women's rights. Also with...

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