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Yezid Sayigh, Senior Associate at the Carnegie Middle East Center in Beirut

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#TECH 24

Mind the Gender Gap : getting more women into the tech sector

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Bolivian children: heading to work aged 10

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Israel and Hamas battle online over public opinion

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Can Chancellor Merkel's winning streak last?

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Hunger in a fertile land...

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Nigeria: One Hundred Days and Counting (part 2)

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Nigeria: One Hundred Days and Counting

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'Why Are So Many Children Dying in Gaza?'

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Latest update : 2014-06-11

Wedding gifts pour in for Seattle shooting hero

In this edition: wedding gifts pour in for the Seattle shooting hero; Lego to launch a new series of female mini figures; and a BMX champ in action …


22 year old John Meis risked his life subduing and tackling the gunman during last Thursday`s shooting at Seattle Pacific University. In doing so he prevented a wider killing spree and has become a hero in the U.S. where countless web users have praised his bravery and expressed their admiration. 

And in addition to posting messages to social networks, web users are also showering him with gifts. A crowd funding campaign was initiated on Go Fund Me, the day after the shooting, to pay for an unforgettable honeymoon for Jon Meis who is getting married on June 21st. The campaign is proving extremely popular, raising around 48,000 dollars so far, that`s close to 35,000 euros in less than a week. 

And that`s not all. Hundreds of web users decided they wanted to buy a gift for Meis and his future wife. The operation was organized via community platform Reddit where users tracked down the two wedding lists and then shared the links to sites where they were registered. Both wish lists have now been entirely bought out… 

The people who posted these tweets think Jon Meis deserves even more. They are calling on the Seattle Pacific University to reimburse all of his tuition fees. The university has yet to respond.


Female paleontologists, astronauts, chemists … these new LEGO mini figures should be hitting the stores by the end of August. The toy manufacturer has announced the winner of its eighth annual “Ideas” competition; the “Research Institute” project garnered over 10,000 votes.

Social networkers have hailed the news, praising LEGO for choosing the female scientist series from all the online submissions. They say it was a smart decision and will no doubt inspire young girls to study or follow a career in science, technology, engineering or mathematics… 


This is not the first time the Danish company has brought out a collection designed exclusively for little girls. Lego launched the “Friends” collection back in 2012. The doll figs as they are called attracted strong criticism at the time, from blogger Anita Sarkeesian in particular who released two videos in which she explored and denounced the sexist nature of the collection … 

Lego did actually listen to all the criticism and did review the collection. And is now set to launch a less gender stereotypical line : The upcoming collection will no doubt prove popular with little girls the world over, 7 year old Charlotte for one who write to the bosses at LEGO at the beginning of the year asking why there were more male figures than female ones … 


YouTube is supporting LGBT athletes with the #ProudToPlay campaign. It`s an interactive campaign where web users, well known or otherwise, can share their own experiences of and thoughts on what equality for athletes means to them. American football player Michael Sam and basketball player Kobe Bryant amongst others star in the video clip for the campaign which is proving hugely popular, with many keen to promote equality among all athletes regardless of their sexuality.


Star Wars producers filmed in 23 locations on four different continents to create the galaxy that`s actually not so far away… this infographic published on the “Daily Infographic” site serves as a kind of travel guide. So some of the scenes in the Tatooine desert for example were filmed in the Death Valley national park in the U.S. and the famous ice planet Hoth took cast and crew to a glacier in Norway. 


Explore the 300 km of tunnels that make up the catacombs of Paris, from the comfort of your own home …. This web-documentary, entitled catacombs, was produced by Victor Serna. When night falls you`ll find revelers and artists in this unusual location, the final resting place of millions of bones ; due to over population and lack of sanitary conditions around cemeteries, the bones of Paris` dead were moved here towards the end of the 18th century… 


Step into the shoes of a BMX champ in training …. This video features Mike “Hucker” Clark in action and was filmed in Texas during the annual “X Games” extreme sports competition. You can check out this adrenaline packed clip in its entirety on YouTube. 

By Electron Libre



2014-07-24 USA

Israel and Hamas battle online over public opinion

In this edition: the online battle between Israel and Hamas; the "coal rolling" craze goes viral in the US; and Pyongyang demands the removal of an online video mocking Kim...

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2014-07-23 Lebanon

Online movement demands peace in Gaza

In this edition: an online movement demanding peace in Gaza ; shocking footage of a Lebanese child beating a Syrian child ; and a time lapse video of flowers blooming…

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2014-07-22 Australia

Online scammers exploit MH17 crash

In this edition: online scammers exploit the Malaysian Airlines crash; Australian web users protest the abolition of the controversial carbon tax; and a Walter White doll floats...

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2014-07-21 Internet

Web users pay tribute to MH17 victims

In this edition: web users pay tribute to victims of flight MH17, shot down over Ukraine ; a US internet provider incurs the web’s wrath ; and a video condenses an 8,200 km...

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2014-07-19 YouTube

YouTube vs independent music labels: the battle continues

Adele, Shaka Ponk, Arctic Monkeys... these are just some of the artists that may soon disappear from YouTube. Their producers have not agreed to the terms of YouTube's upcoming...

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