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Middle East

Video: Iraqi refugees fear air strikes as much as the jihadists

© Photo: FRANCE 24

Video by Adam PLETTS

Text by FRANCE 24

Latest update : 2014-06-13

Since Sunni Islamist militants overran the Iraqi city of Mosul earlier this week, a steady stream of refugees has been flowing north toward the autonomous Kurdish region. FRANCE 24 interviewed residents fleeing the violence.

Many say they have left their homes and possessions behind as much for fear of jihadists, who are now mainly in control of Iraq’s second-largest city, as reprisal air strikes from the Iraqi military.

“We are afraid of bombings and fear for our family’s lives,” an Iraqi woman who left Mosul on Tuesday told FRANCE 24. “We’ve been through this before, but the situation is still unbearable.”

Many refugees have been turned away from the Kurdish-controlled region. Those who do not have family or relatives that can welcome them there have been told they must stay in hastily-built camps.

Some of the displaced from Mosul said they hope the worst of the violence is now over. But their fears were not unfounded: the Iraqi air force on Wednesday evening conducted air raids on their city.

For FRANCE 24’s full video report with refugees from the city of Mosul, click on the player above.

Date created : 2014-06-13

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