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Too Late for Sanctions? Pressure Mounts on Russia over Ukraine (part 2)

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Too Late for Sanctions? Pressure Mounts on Russia over Ukraine

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As France’s Carrefour pulls out, what next for India’s retail market?

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#TECH 24

Internet of Things

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The World This Week - July 25th, 2014 (part 2)

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Halal tourism on the rise

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The World This Week - July 25th, 2014

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#THE 51%

Sweden: A Feminist's Paradise?

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Search of Air Algerie crash site continues

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Latest update : 2014-06-19

Kenya: online reactions to Mpeketoni attack

In this edition: online reactions to Sunday's terrorist attack in Kenya; French police issue warning over a new Facebook dare; and a video maker's very novel travel video.


There has been large scale action online in Israel in response to the suspected kidnapping of three Israeli students in the West Bank last Thursday. Israel says Hamas is responsible and the claims have sparked widespread campaigning for the missing teens on social networks under the hashtag #bringbackourboys

The Israeli army posted a message to Twitter on Saturday, promising to do everything in its power to find the boys and bring them home safe and sound as soon as possible. Many have shown the military their support via social media, posting pictures with signs reading bringbackourboys. 

But although a lot of Israelis are backing the campaign, it is facing some opposition. Activists have taken the hashtag created for the three missing teens and used it to raise awareness of the daily hardships and dangers faced by Palestinian children living in the occupied territories. Critics of the #bringbackourboys movement say the Israel Defense Forces arbitrarily arrest these children on a regular basis, and the authorities rarely respect their rights. 

The approach has generated a flood of outraged comments, with web users unable to understand why people would campaign against the hashtag, saying regardless of origin, Palestinian or Israeli, there is no justification for involving children in the conflict. 


An American bar owner has come under fire after recreating a Brazilian favela in his pub`s backyard in celebration of the World Cup …. That`s right the “Nomad” bar in the state of Wisconsin has got a lot of people talking for all the wrong reasons… 

Many have taken to social networks to voice their outrage and disapproval of the décor. The bar`s Twitter handle and Facebook page are full of posts criticizing the concept, saying it is in very poor taste and incredibly insulting to the millions of people who live in the Brazilian slum neighbourhoods. 

Sports journalist Dave Zirin has expressed a similar sentiment, and has even described the décor as racist. In a post to Twitter he says the issues of poverty, police violence and living conditions in these favelas should not be taken lightly. He is also urging other critics of the fake favela to make their feelings very clear to those responsible by staging a protest in front of the bar for example. 

And while the Wisconsin bar has sparked fierce debate the United States, Brazilian web users seem far less bothered… they`re saying there are a number of Brazilian bars that are favela-themed and they don’t find it offensive, they can`t see what all the fuss is about… 


America`s Delta Airlines has become the butt of numerous online jokes after posted this picture to Twitter on Monday to celebrate the US 2-1 victory over Ghana in the World Cup. The airline used a picture of a giraffe to depict Ghana; the only problem; giraffes don`t live in Ghana … an incredible blunder that was soon hit with an outpouring of ridicule … and Delta Airlines has since apologized… 


The Football World Cup sees 32 teams battling it out on the pitch, it`s also an incredible showcase for sportswear brands. As we can see from this infographic available on the Sport Buzz Business website, American company Nike is leading the way in the advertising stakes, sponsoring the largest portion of competing teams, over one in two players wearing Nike on their feet … but it hasn’t achieved total domination just yet; the official World Cup ball and the referees are sporting the Adidas logo …


Well if they don`t win the World Cup, then the countries competing can seek comfort in the knowledge they are the best at something… the Wall Street Journal has launched an app called “The World Cup of everything Else”. So the US for example has the most fast food restaurants per capita… and Argentina has the biggest meat eaters. The world champions in living longest are the Japanese, well ahead of Greece which comes in first for having the heaviest smokers … 


Franky Zapata from France, who invented the “Flyboard” a type of water jetpack where water pressure allows the rider to thrust out of the water or dive headlong through, has completed work on a new design called the “Hoverboard” which is literally bringing surfing to new heights … you can check out this new extreme sport in all its spectacular glory in this video available on the YouTube channel of the man behind the camera Devin Supertramp.

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2014-07-26 USA

NSA targets 'Tor' network users

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Online movement demands peace in Gaza

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