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Ten days to save Merkel? German leader under pressure over border policy

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Alarmingly high rates of HIV among China's youth

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Samira Wiley, Darren Criss & Neal McDonough at Monte-Carlo Television Festival

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Violence against trangender women in Indonesia, and more

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'The frozen heart of America': Condemnation as migrant families torn apart in US

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'There are two policies towards Russia in the Trump administration'

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Grandmas Project: 'Their history was passed down through food'

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Mali's basketball star: NBA top player Cheick Diallo makes hometown proud

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Trump threatens huge new tariffs on China

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An in-depth look at the political and social events shaping France. Every Friday at 5.45 pm Paris time.

Latest update : 2014-06-20

Culture strikes: French government tries to appease protesters

France is well known for its strikes and protests and now even entertainers have been taking to the streets. They are furious at the government's proposals to shake up their special system of benefits. Also this week, there was shock after a 16-year-old boy was beaten up by a lynch mob who accused the Roma teenager of being a burglar. Finally, we take you to the world-famous Palace of Versailles, which is hosting a striking contemporary art show in its gardens.

By Catherine NORRIS-TRENT , Jeanne LAVENANT , Joanna COCKERELL , Stéphanie CHEVAL


2018-06-15 Jeanne LAVENANT

The Jewish community's place in French society

France is home to the largest Jewish community in Europe. But their quest for a place in French society has been a turbulent one. In some towns, the Jewish population has been...

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2018-06-08 Jeanne LAVENANT

Standing the test of time: Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris

In this week's edition, we're at one of the most visited places in the French capital: Notre Dame de Paris. We show you around this magnificent Gothic cathedral and tell you...

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2018-06-01 Jeanne LAVENANT

Drinking water: What goes down the drain?

This week we’re talking about a mundane yet vital issue: drinking water! Each year, France loses 1.3 trillion liters of water, which is the equivalent of 430,000 Olympic swimming...

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2018-05-18 Jeanne LAVENANT

French and noble in 2018: What remains of France's aristocracy?

This week we're at the Château de Courson, a stunning 17th-century property. It's the perfect backdrop for this week's show because we're talking about the French nobility. It's...

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2018-05-11 Jeanne LAVENANT

May 68: When France took a stand

This week marks the fiftieth anniversary of May 68 in France. It started as a student movement, but quickly turned into a full-blown political and generational clash. This period...

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