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Latest update : 2014-07-15

Germany celebrates World Cup win with selfies

In this edition: Germany celebrates their world cup win with selfies; criticism over a photo essay showing `the other Pakistan`; and a behind the scenes look at the digital magic of Game of Thrones…


Germany`s 1-0 victory over Argentina in the 2014 Football World cup final has set the web abuzz, with pictures of the ecstatic team at Rio`s Maracanã stadium doing the rounds on social media. The players have also been celebrating their world win, with selfies … 

Forward Lukas Podolski set the ball rolling with this snap posted to Twitter, just after the final whistle, where he`s posing alongside midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger. The pic has been retweeted over 95,000 times and he followed it up with other selfies like this one where he is proudly lifting the World Cup Trophy. A number of his team mates, including Mertesacker, Lahm and also Özil have also taken to Twitter with their own celebration selfies.

And the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel also joined in the festivities, visiting the national squad in their locker room after the match to congratulate them and celebrate a fourth World Cup win for Germany. The players also posed with pop star Rihanna who had come to watch the final , dressed in the German colours. And the singer made sure she got selfies with Germany`s new national hero, Mario Götze , who scored the only goal of the match, and also Miroslav Klose, who has become the World Cup`s most prolific marksman ever. 

And German web users have taken to the web by the masses posting under the “Germany are the World Cup champions” hashtag, praising the players and also posing for their own selfies as they watched the final, at Maracanã stadium, at home, and also in front of the giant screen set up in Berlin. 


With her photo essay `The Other Pakistan`, Algerian photographer Zohra Bensemra wanted to challenge typical media narratives of the country and the way it is perceived by the rest of the world. Her pictures, which were featured in an online newspaper, show women taking part in all sorts of activities, practicing all sorts of professions, empowered and well-to-do … and the shots have stirred up string criticism among Pakistani web users. 

Twitter users have been busy posting under the #otherpakistan hashtag, saying these images do not represent the reality of Pakistan, that they show an elite minority, far wealthier than the rest of the country. 

Some have used the same keywords to present what they describe as a fairer representation of Pakistan, and there we see the standard of living is in stark contrast to the prosperity portrayed in Zohra Bensemra`s photographs. This slide show highlights how very few women living outside of rural areas are actually in paid employment. 

Others have posted sarcastic comments, asking how to get to such an affluent country, wishing they could live there too. Blogger Ramish Safa has also criticized the Algerian photographer`s shots, saying they are misleading. He has posted his own collection of photos, illustrating day to day life for a young Pakistani man, and the images are far removed from the lifestyles portrayed in “the Other Pakistan”. 


The #TweetLikeABC hashtag has been trending heavily on social networks following last Thursday`s blunder by American TV network ABC, when news anchor Diane Sawyer misidentified scenes of the aftermath, describing images of Palestinian bombing victims as Israelis … web users have been voicing their outrage and sharing their own images of the Israel-Palestine conflict with satirical captions mocking the network`s error. 


2.8 billion dollars was raised through crowdfunding in 2012, enough to fund more than a million projects. This infographic was put together by H&R Block and explores the power of crowdfunding. We learn for example that the average campaign runs for around 9 weeks and raises about 7,000 dollars when successful, which is no mean feat as 60 % of crowdfunding campaigns do not meet their monetary goal. 


American photographer Gregg Segal came up with a great way of raising awareness about garbage production and showing people that a lot of the trash they produce is unnecessary. His “7 days of Garbage” photo collection features friends, neighbours and strangers lying in a week`s worth of their own trash. These thought provoking pics are available to view on the photographer’s Facebook page


In the build up to the next series of Game of Thrones, due to hit screens in April 2015, the company behind the amazing visual effects has released a behind the scenes look at how the digital magic is brought to life, showing how small touches can make a world of difference …

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