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South Sudan's refugee crisis has reached catastrophic proportions, the UN warns

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'Last Night in Sweden'? Trump's comment causes confusion

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Mosul Offensive: New phase in battle for Iraq's second city (part 1)

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Mosul Offensive: New phase in battle for Iraq's second city (part 2)

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Kiwi indie heroes The Naked and Famous reflect on life after 'Young Blood'

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France's election: 'The Russians are doing what they can to bring down Macron'

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North Dakota: Sioux tribe stands firm against pipeline project

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Georgian foreign minister discusses ties with EU, NATO

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A daily update on the latest business and economic news. Live on weekdays at 8.15 am Paris time.

Latest update : 2014-07-17

AirBnB users face legal challenges in Paris

The short-term letting website AirBnB is facing increasing challenges in Paris, with complaints from hotel owners adding to the threats of legal action. A number of users have been fined for illegally subletting their apartments in the French capital. Also today: shares in Australia's biggest mining firms rise after the parliament repeals its carbon tax.

By Stephen CARROLL



2017-02-20 Greece

Bailout talks worry Greeks living under austerity

European finance ministers are meeting in Brussels to try to figure out a deal to release the next block of bailout cash for Greece. Failure to reach an agreement could lead to...

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2017-02-17 South Korea

Samsung chief's arrest sends company stocks lower

The early morning arrest of Samsung boss Lee Jae-yong sends shares in the electronics giant dipping. While the allegations of corruption levelled at Samsung aren't likely to...

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2017-02-16 PSA Peugeot Citroën

PSA's plan to buy Opel sparks concern among French workers

A proposed takeover by French carmaker PSA Group of General Motors' European subsidiary Opel has workers in France concerned about job losses. Also today, unemployment drops...

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2017-02-15 trade

European Parliament votes on EU-Canada trade deal

The European Parliament is voting to approve the EU-Canada trade deal, known as CETA. The agreement removes 99 per cent of trade tariffs between the partners, but critics have...

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2017-02-14 Donald Trump

Steven Mnuchin confirmed as US Treasury chief

Former Goldman Sachs executive Steven Mnuchin has been confirmed as the new US Treasury Secretary. He's said tax cuts for businesses and rolling back the Dodd-Frank financial...

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