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Latest update : 2014-08-13

ISIS militants send threatening Twitter messages to US

In this edition: ISIS militants sending threatening Twitter messages to the US; calls to restore peace between Azerbaijan and Armenia; and the young man who took a selfie every single day for seven years.


"Every American citizen is a legitimate target for us". "we humiliated the American army and we will do it again", "we will march towards Washington and take the White House" … these are just some of the threatening tweets posted online by ISIS militants and their supporters under the #AMessageFromISIStoUs hashtag. Messages that have multiplied following Barack Obama`s decision last week to authorize military air strikes against the Islamist group, in northern Iraq. 

The menacing posts often feature gruesome photos of the September 11 attacks, soldiers’ coffins or burnt out US military vehicles, to demonstrate what will be in store for the US if they continue to cross ISIS. The stated aim of the images is to frighten US citizens and prompt them to call for an immediate end to the US air strikes on areas under ISIS control. 

But the ISIS militants ‘vast communications campaign is not having the intended impact – far from it. Web users across the United States are angry and have been responding to the Jihadist threats, promising them a merciless war, and sharing photos of the military bombers on social networks to show them what will happen if they try and take on the American army… 


"Just as we have beaten the Armenians on the political and economic fronts, we are able to defeat them on the battlefield" … "we will restore our sovereignty in all of the occupied territories". These are just a couple of the tweets posted by the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev on August 7. His social media tirade comes as military clashes between Azerbaijan and Armenia have intensified since the beginning of the month. Bloody clashes in the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region which both sides have claimed as their own for decades. The renewed conflict has stirred up lively reactions online. 

Although war has not been officially declared between Azerbaijan and Armenia, it is certainly underway on social networks with web users from both countries engaged in a war of words. Those in Azerbaijan are posting under the #SanctionToArmenia hashtag denouncing the Armenian attacks describing them as acts of terrorism. Web users in Armenia meanwhile are focusing on their soldiers and hailing their bravery and courage. 

And while some web users are battling it out online, others are calling for peace. The people who wrote these messages along with the #NKPeace, #NKFreedom and #StopAliyev hashtags are urging the leaders of both the countries to respect a ceasefire. The online campaign was started by the Armenian National Committee of America and is now asking citizens to reach out to the international community via social networks and convince them to re-launch the negotiation process between Armenia and Azerbaijan. 


Honoré de Balzac went to bed at 6 pm every evening and arose at around one o`clock in the morning to work through the night. Pablo Picasso preferred to have a lie in and worked on his creations in the afternoon. This infographic looks at the daily routines of famous creative people, and as we can see some of them didn’t allow themselves much time to relax. Voltaire is a prime example, he could work up to 16 hours a day and sleep for just four. 


#FakeCation, as in fake vacation is trending on social networks at the moment, with web users across the globe posting fake holiday pics online. Shots put together using image editing software or quite simply taken in front of a heavenly cardboard backdrop, they are proving hugely popular online. It’s a fun way of making your friends jealous even if you haven’t been able to get away from it all this year.


Climbing the highest buildings in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Dubai for example and then taking a photo of your feet hanging over the edge. These pictures were taken by Russian daredevils Vitaliy Raskalov and Vadim Makhorov. Photographers and “skywalkers” : an activity that consists of posing on top of the world’s highest sky scrapers without a harness… and often without permission, earning them the “urban ninjas” nickname. You can check out their exploits on their web site.


Hugo Cornellier took a selfie every single day for 7 years between the ages of 12 and 19, and he has compiled them all into this YouTube video, which shows him age from a teenage boy to young adult in just over one and a half minutes …

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