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How one NGO is using 3D printers to improve disaster relief

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Latest update : 2016-01-14

French rules of etiquette: 'Bonne année' and ‘La bise’

FRENCH CONNECTIONS – Thurs. 14.01.16: This week we take a look at some of the rules of French etiquette - from how to say "Bonne année" to the dos and don’ts of doing "la bise".

We're well into the month of January, but you'll still hear people wishing each other Happy New Year - "Bonne année". French people take saying Bonne année very seriously and there are some cardinal rules you must follow.

Just like for saying Bonne année, there are rules for doing "la bise", the traditional - kissing - way of saying hello, goodbye and congratulations to friends and family in France.

"La bise" can be awkward and confusing to people new to France. Where do you put your hands? What side do you start on? How many kisses do you give? And what noise do you make? I team up with FRANCE 24’s Business Editor Stephen Carroll to bring you a crash course on "la bise".

Finally, we focus on another January tradition: king cake. Traditionally eaten on January 6 to celebrate Epiphany, king cake (La galette des rois) is enjoyed throughout the month. Not only is it delicious, it’s also fun! In each cake, there is a porcelain charm or trinket (la fève). Whoever finds it in their slice is king or queen for the day.




2017-03-30 France

Is the French language in danger from an English invasion?

Once the language of diplomacy, French remains the official language in nearly 30 countries and is the second-most-studied foreign language in the world. But despite all this, is...

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2017-03-09 French Presidential Elections 2017

From spending caps to limited airtime: The rules of running for president in France

FRENCH CONNECTIONS – Thurs. 09.03.17: This week, we take a look behind the scenes of the French presidential campaign, which has some pretty strict rules. For example, a limit on...

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2017-03-02 French Presidential Elections 2017

French president: A modern-day monarch?

With the presidential election just around the corner, everyone is focused on the campaign. Today, FRANCE 24's Florence Villeminot take a closer look at the top prize: the...

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2017-02-23 agriculture

France's Salon de l'Agriculture: Celebrating a struggling sector

FRENCH CONNECTIONS – Thurs. 23.02.17: France's biggest farm is setting up shop in the capital. This week the Paris International Agricultural Show kicks off. The Salon de...

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2017-02-16 Valentine's Day

Are the French the world's best lovers?

Valentine’s Day was just a few days ago, a good opportunity to focus on love "à la française". What is it like to date a French person? Are the rules different? Do all French...

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