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Latest update : 2016-01-14

French rules of etiquette: 'Bonne année' and ‘La bise’

FRENCH CONNECTIONS – Thurs. 14.01.16: This week we take a look at some of the rules of French etiquette - from how to say "Bonne année" to the dos and don’ts of doing "la bise".

We're well into the month of January, but you'll still hear people wishing each other Happy New Year - "Bonne année". French people take saying Bonne année very seriously and there are some cardinal rules you must follow.

Just like for saying Bonne année, there are rules for doing "la bise", the traditional - kissing - way of saying hello, goodbye and congratulations to friends and family in France.

"La bise" can be awkward and confusing to people new to France. Where do you put your hands? What side do you start on? How many kisses do you give? And what noise do you make? I team up with FRANCE 24’s Business Editor Stephen Carroll to bring you a crash course on "la bise".

Finally, we focus on another January tradition: king cake. Traditionally eaten on January 6 to celebrate Epiphany, king cake (La galette des rois) is enjoyed throughout the month. Not only is it delicious, it’s also fun! In each cake, there is a porcelain charm or trinket (la fève). Whoever finds it in their slice is king or queen for the day.




2017-10-19 women's rights

#balancetonporc: Sexual harassment and gender inequality in France

The scandal surrounding Harvey Weinstein in the US sent shockwaves around the world. Here in France, it has revived a debate on sexual harassment and male predation, particularly...

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2017-10-12 guns

Gun control in France

Like other European countries, France has tight gun laws. Acquiring a permit to own a weapon is long and tricky and there are restrictions on what types of guns people can buy....

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2017-10-05 fashion

Do French women really not get fat?

Famous for being a leader in the fashion world, France is also trying to lead the way in combatting one of the industry's darker sides: unrealistic body images that can lead to...

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2017-09-28 counter-terrorism

Counter-terrorism: Is France heading for a permanent state of emergency?

When he was running for president, Emmanuel Macron vowed to remove France from its nearly two-year state of emergency. The government has put forward an alternative...

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2017-09-21 French politics

Is the French Senate a retirement club for old politicians?

FRENCH CONNECTIONS: France is gearing up for yet another election on Sunday, September 24, this time to renew just about half of the Senate’s 348 red velvet seats. The French...

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