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Melania’s jacket: What did it mean?

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South Sudan peace deal attempt fails as Kiir rejects Machar

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Zero Tolerance: Does Border Security Trump Compassion?

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Let's become French!

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Taking sides: The dual-nationality footballers playing at the World Cup

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Dior trots out Cruise collection at Chantilly stables

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France's Pelagos sanctuary, a haven for whales and dolphins

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#THE 51%

Developing a code of their own: Are women leading the tech revolution in Paris?

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#TECH 24

Motorsport innovation

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The business show that goes beyond the numbers and the corporate jargon! Stephen Carroll breaks down major business stories and looks at how they affect our lives. Thursday at 4.15 am Paris time.

Latest update : 2016-02-25

Brexit and the City: Calculating the risks of leaving the EU

The countdown to Britain's referendum on whether to remain part of the European Union is on. What would leaving the EU mean for Britain's financial industry? FRANCE 24's Markus Karlsson talks to market commentator David Buik (Panmure Gordon), who has spent his career in the City. He tells us why he is in favour of a Brexit.

Also in this programme, we take a look at a political storm brewing in France over a proposal to change labour laws. The most controversial part of the plan would make it easier for firms to fire workers. It's meeting stiff opposition from unions, who say the government is siding with the business lobby Medef.

Plus, France's aerospace industry is getting creative to quench its thirst for young recruits. Airbus even runs its own school to train up talent and get them onto the assembly line. Chris Bockman reports from Toulouse in the southwest of France.

By Christopher BOCKMAN , Farah BOUCHERAK , Markus KARLSSON , Stephen CARROLL


2018-06-21 Stephen CARROLL

Clocking out: South Korea prepares for shorter working week

A big change is on the way for workers in South Korea. From July 1st, the maximum working week, including overtime, is being cut by almost a quarter. We delve into the country's...

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2018-06-14 Stephen CARROLL

Oil turmoil: As prices rise, consumers feel the pinch

Oil prices have been creeping up steadily in recent months to reach levels not seen in three years. We look at how consumers in India are adjusting to paying more for fuel. And...

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2018-06-07 Stephen CARROLL

Prepare for a slowdown: World Bank says tide is turning for global growth

Is the global growth spurt over? The World Bank says growth will begin to slow down from next year. In its latest economic report, the institution warned that the escalation of...

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2018-05-31 Stephen CARROLL

Here to stay: Airbnb co-founder on regulation, growth and overtourism

Every two minutes, 400 guests check into a property on Airbnb. They have a choice of over four million of them around the world. But city authorities have been toughening...

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2018-05-24 Stephen CARROLL

Trade truce: US-China tensions cool, but is a trade war still possible?

The United States has reached a "framework agreement" with China to cut the trade deficit between the world's two largest economies. So have we avoided a trade war between...

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