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Fans and players react online to Arsene Wegner's club departure

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Syria alleged chemical attack: Gunfire delays deployment of weapons inspectors

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Cashing in on local French currencies

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Life on the canals of northern France

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What lies ahead for Cuba after the Castros?

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#TECH 24

Discovering and harnessing the power of the sun

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Can France bid 'adieu' to popular weedkiller glyphosate?

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#THE 51%

Harmful for your health: When gender bias affects medical diagnosis

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Africa’s donkeys slaughtered for Chinese ‘miracle elixir’

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All the news from Africa and the Maghreb, with France 24’s correspondents and our guests on set. From Monday to Friday at 9.45 pm and 10.45 pm Paris time.

Latest update : 2016-03-11

U.N. report details rape by fighters in South Sudan

In this edition of Eye on Africa: The United Nations releases a report detailing rape by fighters in South Sudan, and later announces a resolution to confront sexual abuse by soldiers. Meanwhile a scholarship for virgins is courting controversy in South Africa.

The United Nations has sounded the alarm bell over South Sudan, in what it says are grotesque human rights violations. A new report details a series of abuses, including children and the disabled being burned alive and fighters being allowed to rape women as payment.

Meanwhile the U.N. says it will adopt measures to confront sexual abuse by peacekeepers.This, after a recent report citing several peacekeeping missions in Africa.

And in South Africa a novel way of fighting teenage pregnancy and HIV/AIDS is courting controversy. Girls are being offered university scholarships - provided they remain virgins. The scheme has rights groups up in arms.

By Phoebe LANZER WOOD , Christopher MOORE


2018-04-19 Commonwealth

Commonwealth summit: African members seek to grow trade value to $2 trillion

In tonight's edition: African member states of the Commonwealth seek to grow trade value to $2 trillion; Senegal's parliament sets a higher bar for presidential candidates...

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2018-04-18 DR Congo

Violence in DR Congo's Ituri Province forces thousands to live in camps

In tonight's edition: Violence in DR Congo's Ituri Province forces thousands to live in camps; Khalifa Haftar's chief of staff survives a car bomb attack in Libya; and the...

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2018-04-17 Nigeria

Shiite protesters clash with police for second day in Abuja

In tonight's edition: Shiite protesters clash with police for a second day in Abuja; more than 200 Anglophones flee southwest Cameroon; and Ethiopians in Oromiya have high...

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2018-04-16 Kenya

Three Kenyan election officials resign

In tonight's edition: three Kenyan election officials resign; Israel releases 200 African migrants; and our correspondent met with children who used to be militiamen in DR Congo.

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2018-04-13 DR Congo

€428 million pledged at donor conference for DR Congo

DR Congo's government chooses not to attend an international conference in Geneva aimed at raising millions of dollars for the country. The UN says the situation in DR Congo is...

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