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An in-depth look at the political and social events shaping France. Every Friday at 5.45 pm Paris time.

Latest update : 2016-05-20

Housing in France: From a lack of accommodation to luxury properties

This week we take you to the north-west of Paris to look into the topic of housing. In accordance with French legislation, some of the flats being built here will be used as social housing - and France certainly has some catching up to do on the issue. But while they wait for access to social housing, many are forced to live in precarious circumstances.

Confronted with such options, a growing number of people are pooling their ressources with friends or even strangers - and working collectively to build their home sweet home. For many, having a roof over one's head is a luxury in itself.

France is also a magnet for wealthy foreigners, ready to pay top dollar for a first-hand experience of the famous French art de vivre!

With thanks to: Altarea Cogedim, Linkcity Ile-de-France et Clichy-Batignolles.

By Jeanne LAVENANT , Nadia CHARBIT , Stéphanie CHEVAL , Natacha MILLERET



2018-03-16 Francophonia

In Africa, French is more than a common language

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In this edition we're in the French Alps, the Trois Vallées to be precise. It's the largest skiing area in the world, where you have an incredible 600 kilometres of slopes to...

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Saving France's city centres: How to lure back locals?

This week, we're in the northern French city of Dreux, famed for its rich history, royal chapel and... boarded-up shops. Like a number of cities in France, Dreux has fallen prey...

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