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Manson: murder, mythology and mistaken identity

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Turkish adviser warns US forces may stay in Syria

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Has Merkel still got it ?

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Music show: Paradisia, Björk & Robbie Williams

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From ecological disaster to small miracle in Mauritania

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Ukraine's deputy PM on Kiev's EU ambitions, corruption and Russian influence

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A journalist murdered: Europe's media freedom under threat

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Top psychiatrist: Trump's 'mental impairment' poses danger to world

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Hammond teases UK budget with homebuilding, driverless cars

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All the news from Africa and the Maghreb, with France 24’s correspondents and our guests on set. From Monday to Friday at 9.45 pm and 10.45 pm Paris time.

Latest update : 2016-09-19

DR Congo: At least 17 dead in anti-Kabila protests

In tonight's edition: Deadly clashes in DR Congo, protests over university fee hikes in South Africa, and children learn to code in Madagascar.

Over a dozen people, including several police officers, are killed in protests in Kinshasa. The demonstrations were sparked by angry suspicions that President Kabila is trying to push back elections in a bid to illegitimately extend his mandate.

Also, the issue of student fees in South Africa once again stirs up trouble. The government has given universities the right to hike them by up to 8%. Protests have already begun.

And the language of the future: volunteers teaching students in Madagascar to code say it’s a vital life skill in an increasingly digital age and that there will come a time, not too far away, when those who don’t know their html from their java could be considered illiterate.



2017-11-17 Zimbabwe

President Robert Mugabe emerges from house arrest

Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe emerges in public for the first time since the military took control of the country. Also, at least five people are killed in Kenya's capital as clashes...

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2017-11-16 Morocco

President Mugabe meets with regional envoys and army chief

In tonight's edition: Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe holds direct talks with the army who ousted him; parents of the kidnapped Chibok girls still in captivity say the...

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2017-11-15 Congo Brazzaville

Mugabe confined but 'safe' as army seizes power in Zimbabwe

In tonight's edition: the army seizes power in Zimbabwe, with President Mugabe confined but "safe"; the UN extends the mandate of a peacekeeping mission to the Central African...

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2017-11-14 Nigeria

Zimbabwe's army chief warns military could intervene to end Zanu-PF purges

In tonight's edition: there are fears in Zimbabwe that an unprecedented rift between the country's army chief and the president may come to a head; Amnesty International is...

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2017-11-13 Central African Republic

Vote-counting under way in Somaliland after first presidential poll in 7 years

In tonight's edition: votes are being tallied in Somaliland in the territory's first presidential election in seven years; a grenade attack on a concert in the Central African...

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