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Ten days to save Merkel? German leader under pressure over border policy

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Alarmingly high rates of HIV among China's youth

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Samira Wiley, Darren Criss & Neal McDonough at Monte-Carlo Television Festival

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Violence against trangender women in Indonesia, and more

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'The frozen heart of America': Condemnation as migrant families torn apart in US

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'There are two policies towards Russia in the Trump administration'

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Grandmas Project: 'Their history was passed down through food'

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Mali's basketball star: NBA top player Cheick Diallo makes hometown proud

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Trump threatens huge new tariffs on China

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All the news from Africa and the Maghreb, with France 24’s correspondents and our guests on set. From Monday to Friday at 9.45 pm and 10.45 pm Paris time.

Latest update : 2016-09-20

Five party headquarters torched in Kinshasa in second day of violence

In tonight's edition: Five party headquarters are torched in Kinshasa in a second day of violence; students and police clash in South Africa over university fee hikes; and a court in Nairobi suspends the construction of a rail line after protests from wildlife conservationists.

The death toll from this week's unrest in DR Congo continues to rise. Human Rights Watch claims that at least 44 people have been killed in clashes linked to protests over suspicions the president is trying to postpone elections so he can keep hold of power beyond his mandate.

Also, protests break out in universities across South Africa over plans to allow them to raise student fees in 2017. Activists keep the pressure up on their call for free education for all.

And conservationists in Kenya win a stop to construction of a railway that's meant to cut through Nairobi National Park. The project is aimed at boosting trade across East Africa but activists say it will destroy an already fragile ecosystem.



2018-06-18 Nicolas GERMAIN

Tunisia lose first World Cup match against England

Tunisia falls to England 2-1 in its premiere World Cup match. Our sports editor joins us with all the details on an energetic game full of close calls. Meanwhile, 31 people died...

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2018-06-15 Richelle HARRISON PLESSE

Egypt, Morocco lose first World Cup matches after conceding last-minute goals

Morocco and Egypt get off to a wobbly start in the World Cup, after both teams go down at the last minute. Also, fasting for the holy month of Ramadan has ended for millions of...

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2018-06-14 Richelle HARRISON PLESSE

South Africa: Two worshippers stabbed to death at Malmesbury mosque

A man stabs two worshippers to death at a mosque near Cape Town in a brutal attack disturbingly similar to last month's fatal stabbing at a mosque near Durban. Also, Congolese...

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2018-06-13 Georja CALVIN-SMITH

Victims in Central African Republic react to Bemba's release by ICC

In Central African Republic, victims of the militia headed up by Jean-Pierre Bemba in 2002 say they’re horrified that the former Congolese vice president has been freed from...

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2018-06-13 Georja CALVIN-SMITH

ICC judges order release of DR Congo's former vice president Jean-Pierre Bemba

After a decade behind bars, former Congolese vice president Jean-Pierre Bemba is ordered free by judges at the International Criminal Court. His conviction for war crimes was...

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