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Kurdish referendum a ‘colossal mistake’, says son of late president Talabani

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The Dictator's Games: A rare look inside Turkmenistan

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#TECH 24

Teaching maths with holograms

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Is China exporting its pollution?

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#THE 51%

Are female empowerment adverts actually good for the cause?

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The mixed legacy of 'Abenomics' in Japan

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Contemporary art takes over the French capital and the countryside

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'China's Silicon Valley' symbolises high tech, prosperity and social inequality

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Video: In St. Petersburg, legacy of Nazi siege lives on

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Latest update : 2016-11-14

Nothing in the fridge? New app lets you buy a restaurant's leftovers

Leftovers have never looked so good. The "Food for All" app offers users in the US an 80% discount to eat a restaurant's unsold food. It's an innovative idea aimed at eliminating food waste. Plus, anger continues in India after the Prime minister renders more than 80% of the currency notes in circulation obsolete. And we find out what effects South Korea's political scandal, the New Zealand earthquake, and Japan's GDP figures are having on the markets.



2017-10-20 France

French lawmakers approve tax on sugary drinks

French lawmakers have voted in favour of a so-called "soda tax", in an attempt to reduce obesity and diabetes. Also today: the US Senate clears a significant hurdle to tax...

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2017-10-19 China

China's third quarter GDP growth meets expectations

Third quarter GDP growth in China comes in at 6.8%, in line with expectations - we look at market reaction. Also on the show, we tell you how Iraq's government wants BP to...

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2017-10-18 Tesla

Deep divisions on display as NAFTA renegotiation talks end

The US, Mexico and Canada are divided at the close of NAFTA talks, but all sides say they will try to find an agreement by early 2018. Also today, we tell you why three Tesla...

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2017-10-16 Brexit

British PM heads to Brussels amid Brexit standoff

British Prime Minister Theresa May hopes to end the Brexit standoff ahead of Thursday's EU Summit in Brussels. We also tell you who took out a full page ad in the Washington Post...

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2017-10-13 Donald Trump

Trump nails Obamacare with halt on subsidies to insurers

Donald Trump has taken his first steps towards weakening the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare. After the president signed an executive order to make it easier for people...

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