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All the news from Africa and the Maghreb, with France 24’s correspondents and our guests on set. From Monday to Friday at 9.45 pm and 10.45 pm Paris time.

Latest update : 2016-12-01

World AIDS Day marked across the globe

In tonight's edition: It's World AIDS Day, Gambia holds its presidential election, and Ousmane Sow passes away.

It's World AIDS Day, a chance to take stock of the progress made in fighting the disease. In the past five years, deaths have fallen by 45%. More people than ever before now have access to treatment. But Sub-Saharan Africa remains the most affected part of the world. 26 million people there are living with HIV/AIDS.

Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of Gambians have cast their votes to choose their next leader, this under a total communications blackout. There was no internet access, telephones lines were cut and all demonstrations banned. President Yahya Jammeh is facing off against Adama Barrow, a 51-year-old businessman who has campaigned on a promise of change.

And Senegal is mourning the death of a pioneer artist. World-renowned sculptor Ousmane Sow has passed away at the age of 81 in Dakar. His works celebrated African tribes and historical icons like Nelson Mandela and were exhibited all over the world.

By Phoebe LANZER WOOD , Dheepthika LAURENT

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Peter GHYS

UNAIDS Director, Strategic Information and Evaluation department


2017-10-18 Kenya

Kenyan election board member flees to US, alleging death threats

In tonight's edition: in Kenya, a senior member of the electoral commission who fled to the US says next week's vote re-run could not be free, fair or credible; police and...

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2017-10-17 Togo

Four killed in Togo clashes after religious leader arrested

In tonight's edition: four people are killed in Togo amid violence in the city of Sokode; pressure mounts on Ugandan police to find a serial killer; and the hit tragi-comedy...

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2017-10-16 Somalia

Over 300 killed in Somalia's worst ever terror attack

In tonight's edition: the death toll from Somalia's truck bombing rises to 300, with many more injured and scores still missing; the deadly plague outbreak in Madagascar is...

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2017-10-12 Liberia

Liberia's presidential election: Results trickle in as observers give thumbs-up

In tonight's edition: preliminary results trickle in after Liberia's election; DR Congo's electoral commission says presidential polls are delayed to 2019; and Amnesty...

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2017-10-13 Kenya

Kenyan police shoot dead two protesters in Bondo as banned protests continue

In today’s show: Kenyan police shoot dead two protesters and injure one after they allegedly storm a police station, and the death toll from a plague outbreak continues to rise...

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