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Burundi approves new constitution allowing president to extend time in power

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Populist takeover: Italy approves unprecedented coalition

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Young Nicaraguans lead protests against President Ortega

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Music show: Opera singer Lawrence Brownlee, Snow Patrol & Natalie Prass

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EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn: 'Either we import stability, or we export instability'

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From Italy to Cyprus via Hungary: A look back at key events in Europe

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US-China trade war is 'on hold'

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#TECH 24

Is GDPR a good thing for EU tech companies?

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'The internet is like water, we need to help children understand how to swim'

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A live debate on the topic of the day, with four guests. From Monday to Thursday at 7.10 pm Paris time.

Latest update : 2016-12-28

Changing world order? What 1917 could teach us about 2017 (part 1)

In today’s Debate, we turn the clocks back 100 years. In the 1917, the British pound ruled the markets, World War I brought Europe to its knees and the US embarked on the road to global superpower. Tsarist Russia was on the edge of a Bolshevik Revolution and the Ottoman Empire was the “sick man of Europe”. A changing world order then, and perhaps a changing world order now too. ‘Make America Great Again’ and Brexit: new cries for the nation-state of old?

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Produced by Charles WENTE, François WIBAUX and Van MEGUERDITCHIAN.

By François PICARD

Our guests


Russian Historian

Curtis YOUNG

Former chairman of the Black Caucus, Democrats Abroad

Stephen CLARKE

Author of 'Merde in Europe'

Stephen WALT

Robert and Renee Belfer Professor of International Affairs



2018-05-21 Italy

Populist takeover: Italy approves unprecedented coalition

It's official. Italy's raising anchor and setting sail for unchartered waters...with Europe's boat rocked by an unprecedented populist coalition. President Sergio Mattarella is...

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2018-05-17 European Union

With friends like Trump... What's Europe's answer to 'America first'?

It's Donald versus Donald. The president of the European Council let loose on trade tariffs and the Iran nuclear deal ahead of an EU leaders' dinner in the Bulgarian capital on...

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2018-05-16 Americas

Maduro's Venezuela: Can Chavez successor ignore international pressure?

Venezuela is a democratic country with no runaway inflation, no collapsing health services, no population flight. That's what incumbent Nicolas Maduro told FRANCE 24's Marc...

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2018-05-15 Middle East

To peace or catastrophe? Tensions rise in Gaza after US embassy moves to Jerusalem

A terrible massacre or a state defending itself? The killing of at least 60 civilian protestors on the Gaza-Israel border has sparked outrage worldwide - except for in Israel and...

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2018-05-14 Middle East

US embassy in Jerusalem: New era for the Middle East?

The United States officially recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel with the inauguration of the US embassy in the holy city on Monday, an event that coincided with...

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