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Trump's Jerusalem move angers Muslim world; Brexit: Irish force compromise on border

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Migrants: Caught in the fire between Libya and Italy

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Video: Tahrir Square, a melting pot for Egyptian revolutions

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Mens fashion: ‘The flowers are starting to bloom’

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Lyon's Fête des Lumières: From candles to extraordinary light shows

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#TECH 24

A glimpse into the hotels of the future

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'Whose Streets?': On the frontline of Ferguson

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Marine pollution around Dakar reaches critical levels

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#THE 51%

Talking about a revolution: #Metoo campaign is TIME magazine’s Person of the Year

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From young apprentices to accomplished craftsmen, from farmers to Michelin-starred chefs... We meet the people who keep French heritage alive. Saturday at 7.20 am. Or you can catch it online from Friday.

Latest update : 2017-01-13

Exploring Europe's largest abbey in France's Saumur wine country

In the French Loire Valley region of Saumur, wine and the arts blend well with beauty, both natural and man-made. Here, exceptional vineyards sit among architectural treasures, such as the royal abbey of Fontevraud. Founded in 1101, it’s the largest abbey in Europe and is now a hotel whose grounds extend over 14 hectares. FRANCE 24's "You are here" takes you to see it and to meet a local Saumur winegrower.



2017-11-28 nature

Discovering The Marais Poitevin, France’s ‘Green Venice’

With 450km of waterways, the Marais Poitevin is a labyrinth of canals and a unique feature of the French landscape. Nicknamed ‘Green Venice’, the giant swampland is a natural...

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2017-11-22 France

France's Pas de Calais headlands: Where dramatic landscape beautifully marries nature’s untamed elements

Jutting out into the English Channel are two headlands looking out towards Great Britain. Cap Blanc Nez, meaning "Cape White Nose" lies to the north, its chalk cliffs standing...

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2017-11-16 France

France's Vézère Valley, a slice of prehistoric life

France's Vézère River winds its way for 200 km through the western Corrèze and Dordogne regions. Its banks are packed with nature and history. Man has learned to blend in with...

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2017-11-07 France

Recreating rural life in a 1950s French village

In the 1950s, the French countryside had its own traditions and way of life. Agriculture had yet to be automated and the harvest was an adventure that only older generations...

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2017-11-03 nature

The autumn colours of France's Sologne forest

In autumn, France's central Sologne region is a magnificent display of blazing gold and orange. The area covers 5,000 square kilometres of former marshland, dotted with...

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