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Is China exporting its pollution?

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#THE 51%

Are female empowerment adverts actually good for the cause?

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The mixed legacy of 'Abenomics' in Japan

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Contemporary art takes over the French capital and the countryside

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'China's Silicon Valley' symbolises high tech, prosperity and social inequality

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Video: In St. Petersburg, legacy of Nazi siege lives on

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30 years on, FRANCE 24 meets sole survivor of Burkina Faso's counter-coup

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Paris, the city of love, lights and... traffic jams

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French lawmakers approve tax on sugary drinks

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Latest update : 2017-01-17

Behind the scenes at China's Harbin snow festival

This week, we take you on a trip into a real-life winter wonderland. The Harbin International Snow and Ice Festival, famed for its gigantic illuminated sculptures, has officially kicked off in northern China. The biggest ice festival in the world is expected to attract one million visitors this year. Julia Sieger gives us a sneak peek.

But we begin in India, where a financial and technological revolution is under way. The country is being demonetised at a furious pace, with Indians from all social backgrounds urged to open bank accounts and go fully digital. It's part of PM Narendra Modi's war on the shadow black economy. Yet critics say the pace of change is leaving many Indians behind.

We also head to Indonesia, where thousands of illegal miners risk serious injury and death at the bottom of an opaque global supply chain. Every day, they dredge the seabed for tin, a vital component of smartphones and tablets.

And we finish in Pakistan, which is slowly emerging from a long-term power crisis. But the after-effects of this sustained blackout are still being felt in the textile sector. Once the engine of the Pakistani economy, the textile industry is struggling to get back on its feet, faced with high energy costs and a decade lost to competitors.



2017-10-10 Thailand

Thailand's Thammasat Massacre: Historians unearth memories of 1976 tragedy

It's one of the darkest chapters in Thailand's history. On October 6, 1976, state forces and far-right militants killed dozens of pro-democracy students who had protested the...

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2017-09-28 Burma

Burma: Monks with an ultranationalist agenda

With the UN accusing Burmese authorities of targeted persecution of the country's Rohingya Muslim minority, our correspondent went to meet the ultranationalist Buddhists who...

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2017-09-11 music

Korean violinist Hyung Joon Won on building harmony through music

This week, we're joined on the set by Hyung Joon Won, an acclaimed violinist from South Korea. He has the resume of a musician - he trained at Julliard and has performed around...

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2017-08-28 India

India: Where old clothes go to get a new life

Cheap labour and global fashion trends mean that people are consuming and disposing of an ever greater amount of clothing. But in India, these tattered rags are reincarnated....

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2017-08-14 India

India: Cows at heart of political debate

In India, the humble cow is proving the cause of controversy. With numbers of bovines on the up, authorities are facing a headache over what to do with them. And that's not all,...

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