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Latest update : 2017-01-26

Canada's indigenous population divided over pipeline projects

This has been Donald Trump’s first week as president of the United States. He has signed a series of executive orders, including one reversing policy on two controversial oil pipelines. Meanwhile, over in Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has validated two pipeline projects there. And while some native Canadians oppose the plans, others say they need oil money to live. Our correspondent in Canada went to meet them.

But first, we take a closer look at Donald Trump's quick work in pushing through on his campaign promises. As he confirmed his intention to build a wall at the Mexican border, we see how Mexico is trying to figure out what exactly that means, and what consequences it will have.

Finally, we look back at the peace agreement between the Colombian government and FARC rebels that has ended a half-century of conflict. Now, all FARC rebel fighters are due to turn over their weapons to monitors from the UN. We see how they are determined to continue their struggle, but on a political terrain.

By Genie GODULA , Joanna COCKERELL , Sonia BARITELLO , Stéphanie CHEVAL


2018-07-19 Jeanne LAVENANT

Trump's Helsinki summit with Putin causes outrage in US

This week, Donald Trump rowed back on remarks he made in Helsinki alongside Vladimir Putin after outrage at home. The US president said he "accepted" the conclusion of his...

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2018-07-12 Jeanne LAVENANT

Brett Kavanaugh: US Supreme Court to take another rightward shift

Donald Trump has made his second nomination to the US Supreme Court: Brett Kavanaugh. He's an appellate judge, serving on the DC Circuit Court since 2006, and a former advisor to...

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2018-07-05 Jeanne LAVENANT

Uber vs yellow cabs: A living nightmare for New York taxi drivers

In just five years, the cost of a yellow cab taxi medallion has fallen by 75%. These metallic licenses are required for taxis to legally pick up fares in New York, but with the...

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2018-06-28 Jeanne LAVENANT

On the road to the US with teen migrants

This week, as a California judge orders families split up at the US-Mexico border to be brought back together within a month, we take a look at the thousands of children who make...

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2018-06-21 Jeanne LAVENANT

Outcry over migrant family separations in US

This week, anger mounted over the Trump administration's zero-tolerance stance on migration. A new policy has seen migrant parents and their children separated at the US-Mexico...

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