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Macron makes Time 100 as France revolts

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Turkey's rush to the polls: Erdogan calls snap election to cement his power

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France's Macron likens divisions within EU to 'civil war'

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Sting and Shaggy on making musical magic together

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The citizens finding solutions to Lebanon's chronic waste crisis

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Head of UN entity probing war crimes in Syria speaks to FRANCE 24

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The future of work: How the gig economy is changing the jobs market

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'France has underinvested in early childhood education for many years'

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'Badass': Accolades pour in for Southwest pilot who landed plane after engine failure

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Latest update : 2017-03-09

India: The art of empowering women (part 1)

To mark International Women's Day, FRANCE 24 takes you to India to meet the female artists making their voices heard in a society where men outweigh women both demographically and politically. India can lay claim to plenty of high-profile female artists and activists, yet gender-based violence is a daily reality for millions of women in the world’s largest democracy.

We meet Paromita Vohra and Ram Devineni, who introduce us to the comic book project that’s looking to change mentalities when it comes to women’s place in society. "Priya’s Shakti" and "Priya’s Mirror" take real-life stories as their inspiration. Laxmi is one of the heroines of these interactive graphic novels. She tells us about finding the strength to become the face of their campaign after suffering an acid attack as a teenager.

We also catch up with filmmaker Leena Yadav, whose film "Parched" explores gender politics in the patriarchal setting of an isolated village. Its four female protagonists caused a stir when the film was released last year. Leena talks to us about the challenges of pushing a feminist message in mainstream cinema. 

>> Click here to watch the second part of the show.

>> On In India, female mediators help combat violence against women




2018-04-19 culture

Sting and Shaggy on making musical magic together

It's a musical pairing that caught everyone by surprise. Dancehall fusion star Shaggy, aka Mr. Lover Lover, has teamed up with the legendary former Police frontman Sting. Their...

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2018-04-18 culture

Film show: 'Nico, 1988', 'Escobar' and Amir Naderi retrospective

Trine Dyrholm carries off a high-wire act of ventriloquism in "Nico, 1988" as she reproduces the unforgettable voice of the singer best known for her collaborations with the...

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2018-04-17 culture

Pushing fashion history forward: Miren Arzalluz at the Palais Galliera

Paris's Palais Galliera museum is home to one of the most important fashion archives in Europe, boasting hundreds of thousands of artefacts which tell the story of what we wore...

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2018-04-16 culture

Theo Lawrence & The Hearts: 'Homemade Lemonade'

Theo Lawrence & The Hearts have been busy brewing their brand of "Homemade Lemonade". The French band's bittersweet debut record is a transatlantic mix. It was recorded in the...

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2018-04-13 Cannes Film Festival

Cannes Film Festival's official selection unveiled

Eighteen features will be battling it out on the Riviera for the golden palm at this year’s festival, as organisers announce the list of films in the official competition at...

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