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Dotard: an educational insult

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Medtech: Repairing the human body

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Jennifer Lawrence on why she's unafraid to speak out

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Hola "Ellas Hoy" - The 51 Percent welcomes its sister show on FRANCE 24 Spanish

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A stroll through the Corsican city of Calvi, jewel of the Mediterranean

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The torment of Christians living in Syria’s Khabur valley

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'Generation Merkel' yearns for continuity and stability

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Amazon rainforest pays heavy price for Brazil's political crisis

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Presidential election re-run pushed back to October 26th

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Latest update : 2017-03-09

India: The art of empowering women (part 1)

To mark International Women's Day, FRANCE 24 takes you to India to meet the female artists making their voices heard in a society where men outweigh women both demographically and politically. India can lay claim to plenty of high-profile female artists and activists, yet gender-based violence is a daily reality for millions of women in the world’s largest democracy.

We meet Paromita Vohra and Ram Devineni, who introduce us to the comic book project that’s looking to change mentalities when it comes to women’s place in society. "Priya’s Shakti" and "Priya’s Mirror" take real-life stories as their inspiration. Laxmi is one of the heroines of these interactive graphic novels. She tells us about finding the strength to become the face of their campaign after suffering an acid attack as a teenager.

We also catch up with filmmaker Leena Yadav, whose film "Parched" explores gender politics in the patriarchal setting of an isolated village. Its four female protagonists caused a stir when the film was released last year. Leena talks to us about the challenges of pushing a feminist message in mainstream cinema. 

>> Click here to watch the second part of the show.

>> On In India, female mediators help combat violence against women




2017-09-22 culture

Jennifer Lawrence on why she's unafraid to speak out

Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence speaks to Eve Jackson about fainting on set in "Mother!", playing a weak woman for the first time and why she wanted to speak out for gender pay...

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2017-09-21 culture

This week’s not-to-miss exhibitions

From the life and career of the Greek opera singer, Maria Callas, at Paris's new concert hall on the river Seine to Monet’s secret art collection and Berlin’s new graffiti...

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2017-09-20 culture

Film show: 'It', 'Loveless', 'Nothing to Hide' and 'The Party'

Film critic Lisa Nesselson speaks to Eve Jackson about the week’s film releases, including "It", "Loveless", "The Party" and "Nothing to Hide".

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2017-09-19 culture

Elizabeth Strout: 'There’s something emotionally truthful about my characters'

Elizabeth Strout weaves deceptively simple stories of small-town America that explore human relationships and reveal universal truths. From the Pulitzer Prize-winning "Olive...

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2017-09-18 culture

Music show: Stacey Kent, Fergie and Van Morrison

Jazz fans are no stranger to Stacey Kent’s effortless, crystal-clear vocals. The multilingual jazz vocalist dropped by the studio to talk about her upcoming album "I Know I...

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