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Dotard: an educational insult

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#TECH 24

Medtech: Repairing the human body

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Jennifer Lawrence on why she's unafraid to speak out

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#THE 51%

Hola "Ellas Hoy" - The 51 Percent welcomes its sister show on FRANCE 24 Spanish

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A stroll through the Corsican city of Calvi, jewel of the Mediterranean

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The torment of Christians living in Syria’s Khabur valley

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'Generation Merkel' yearns for continuity and stability

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Amazon rainforest pays heavy price for Brazil's political crisis

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Presidential election re-run pushed back to October 26th

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The business show that goes beyond the numbers and the corporate jargon! Stephen Carroll breaks down major business stories and looks at how they affect our lives. Thursday at 4.45 pm.

Latest update : 2017-03-16

Cyber wars: EU politicians, businesses try to counter growing threat

As France's presidential election approaches, how exposed are the candidates to the threat of hacking? We talk to a cyber security firm about how politicians and businesses can protect themselves. Also in this programme: the Trump slump. America's tourist industry is worried that the president’s travel ban will discourage visitors.

By Kate MOODY , Delano D’SOUZA , Farah BOUCHERAK , Catherine VIETTE

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Director, Southern Europe, FireEye


2017-09-21 economy

Brexit and the city: Paris, Frankfurt, Dublin vying for new business

The March 2019 deadline for wrapping up Brexit negotiations is creeping closer and a lack of clarity about the future is leading to instability in Britain's business world....

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2017-09-14 economy

The cost of climate change: Hurricanes Harvey and Irma highlight risks

Communities in the Caribbean and southern US are scrambling to deal with the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Estimates suggest the storms caused hundreds of billions of...

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2017-09-08 tourism

Tired of tourists: Protests highlight challenges of a changing industry

Visitors heading to some of Europe's most popular travel destinations were in for a shock this summer, as locals took to the streets in protest. Kate Moody talks to Gloria...

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2017-08-31 French economy

French business leaders react to Macron's labour reform plans

This week, we're with French business leaders at the annual conference of the employers’ federation Medef. As President Emmanuel Macron embarks on ambitious labour reforms, we're...

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2017-07-20 China

Game of Thrones and TV's golden age

It's been described as TV's first global blockbuster. The final season of "Game of Thrones" has begun airing throughout the world. The programme is not just a big winner for the...

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