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Trump's Jerusalem move angers Muslim world; Brexit: Irish force compromise on border

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Migrants: Caught in the fire between Libya and Italy

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Video: Tahrir Square, a melting pot for Egyptian revolutions

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Mens fashion: ‘The flowers are starting to bloom’

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Lyon's Fête des Lumières: From candles to extraordinary light shows

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#TECH 24

A glimpse into the hotels of the future

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'Whose Streets?': On the frontline of Ferguson

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Marine pollution around Dakar reaches critical levels

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#THE 51%

Talking about a revolution: #Metoo campaign is TIME magazine’s Person of the Year

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Political and social events from the Middle East, with exclusive reports and interviews. Tuesday at 5.45 pm Paris time.

Latest update : 2017-03-22

The hidden collection: Iran exhibits contemporary art masterpieces

This week, we take you to Iran to see one of the most important contemporary art collections outside Europe and the United States. Since the Islamic Revolution of 1979, these paintings have been kept hidden in the basement of the Museum of Contemporary Art. They include works by Gauguin and Warhol which were originally acquired by the country's last empress, Farah Diba. Now some of the collection has been put on display. Our correspondent in Tehran went to take a look.

But first, the war of words between Turkey's president and European leaders is heating up. As Turkey's April 16 referendum draws closer, Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been taking aim at European leaders for blocking political rallies on the continent.

And with Palmyra back in the hands of the Syrian regime, we look at how the historic city has been destroyed by the Islamic State group for the second time. Many relics are missing and in some cases have been sold on the black market.

By Delano D’SOUZA , Sophie HULOT , Camille FEVRIER , Sonia BARITELLO


2017-12-05 Islamic State (IS) group

Mosul: Growing up under Islamic State group rule

For three years, Iraqi teen Ferah was trapped in her room, as Mosul was taken over by the Islamic State group. That's where she kept a Facebook journal, expressing her fears and...

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2017-11-28 Egypt

'Lost in Lebanon': Scott sisters tackle Syrian refugee crisis

Over one million Syrians have fled to Lebanon since the civil war broke out in their homeland six years ago. As refugees, they are increasingly being met with hostility, however....

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2017-11-22 Social Media

Meet the 16-year-old behind the hijab emoji

Rayouf Alhumedhi, a 16-year-old Saudi national, is behind a mini revolution in the emoji world. Last year, she submitted a proposal for a hijab emoji, in order to represent women...

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2017-11-14 refugees

Charity or business? When big companies provide jobs for Syrian refugees

Some 650,000 Syrian refugees are living in Jordan, where up until last year, they were denied the right to work for a living. But now, from NGOs to the private sector, hundreds...

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2017-11-07 Middle East

Building peace in the Middle East through social and economic projects

We're joined in the studio by Huda Abuarqoub, who's the regional director of the Alliance for Middle East Peace. It works with a network of some 110 organisations that promote...

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