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Trump's Jerusalem move angers Muslim world; Brexit: Irish force compromise on border

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Migrants: Caught in the fire between Libya and Italy

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Video: Tahrir Square, a melting pot for Egyptian revolutions

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Mens fashion: ‘The flowers are starting to bloom’

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Lyon's Fête des Lumières: From candles to extraordinary light shows

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#TECH 24

A glimpse into the hotels of the future

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'Whose Streets?': On the frontline of Ferguson

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Marine pollution around Dakar reaches critical levels

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#THE 51%

Talking about a revolution: #Metoo campaign is TIME magazine’s Person of the Year

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All the news from Africa and the Maghreb, with France 24’s correspondents and our guests on set. From Monday to Friday at 9.45 pm and 10.45 pm Paris time.

Latest update : 2017-04-13

Zambian opposition leader Hichilema charged with treason

In tonight's edition: Zambian opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema is charged with treason for allegedly refusing to give way to President Edgar Lungu's motorcade, and in South Africa tens of thousands of protesters call for President Jacob Zuma to quit. Also, Jews in Egypt are sad to see the local demise of their culture.

Zambia's police chief has announced that opposition leader Hichilema will be charged with treason for allegedly obstructing President Lungu's motorcade. Hichilema's arrest has infuriated his UPND party which accuses the government of political persecution. Police, however, say they are not under any kind of political pressure.

And in South Africa, a 30,000-strong rally descended on Pretoria on Wednesday with demonstrators demanding that president Zuma quits. Public anger against him has been stoked by the economic damage done by Zuma's recent cabinet reshuffle that saw finance minister Pravin Gordhan being ousted.

Around half a century ago, Egypt's Jewish population numbered over one hundred thousand, but today only a handful remain. Now numbering less than two dozen, many struggle to come to terms with the local demise of their culture.



2017-12-07 Donald Trump

Mixed reactions across continent as Trump recognises Jerusalem as Israel's capital

On tonight's show: Fierce protests in North Africa but more caution from Sub-Saharan nations on the continent following US president Donald Trump recognition of Jerusalem as...

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2017-12-06 Africa

Fans in Ivory Coast pay tribute to late French rock icon Johnny Hallyday

On tonight's Eye on Africa: For the second year in a row, DR Congo becomes the country worst affected by conflict displacement in the world, and the Ivory Coast pays tribute to...

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2017-12-05 EYE ON AFRICA

South Africa’s Ramaphosa gets majority of nominations to lead ANC

In this edition: South Africa's vice president Cyril Ramaphosa gets the majority of nominations to become leader of the ruling African National Congress but victory is still not...

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2017-12-04 DR Congo

Report claims rebels were recruited to crack down on DR Congo protesters

In tonight's edition: DR Congo is accused of having recruited exiled M23 rebel fighters and unleashed them on protesters a year ago, and Zimbabwe's new president hands top...

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2017-12-01 Zimbabwe

Senegal leads the way in fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa

Zimbabwe's new President, Emmerson Mnangagwa, faces criticism over the line up for his provisional cabinet, as he names senior military figures and ministers from Robert Mugabe's...

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