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Multilateralist Macron is the anti-Trump at UN General Assembly

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Rio mired in economic crisis a year after hosting Olympics

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Elizabeth Strout: 'There’s something emotionally truthful about my characters'

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Polish foreign minister: Macron's comments on Poland 'were not necessary'

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The controversial colonial statue in Senegal; and the centuries-old town in Turkey being destroyed by the govt

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End of an era: Toys 'R' Us files for bankruptcy

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'We aren't ready' for a second vote in Kenya and flip-flopping on climate change

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Another Hurricane? It's Maria's turn. And, when's your printer going to stop working?

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DR Congo: New report says army worked with militias to massacre hundreds in Beni

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Political and social events from the Middle East, with exclusive reports and interviews. Tuesday at 5.45 pm Paris time.

Latest update : 2017-06-07

Egypt: The success of TV series during Ramadan

Muslims around the world are fasting from sunrise to sunset as part of the holy month of Ramadan. To offer some distraction, some people trade in food for a daily diet of must-watch television. Fuelled by a ratings spike, networks across the Muslim world are fleshing out their grid with special Ramadan series. Egypt is at the centre of the boom, with 33 series filmed there for this year's Ramadan. Our correspondents were able to go behind the scenes of one of them.

But first, the Persian Gulf grapples with its biggest diplomatic crisis in years with Qatar isolated over its alleged support for Islamist groups.

And a Yazidi woman who was taken captive by the Islamic State group and escaped to become a UN ambassador makes an emotional return to her village, now liberated by Iraqi coalition forces. 

By Jeanne LAVENANT , Mariam SAAB , Stéphanie CHEVAL , Joanna COCKERELL , Sonia BARITELLO


2017-09-12 Lebanon

The fight to end child marriage in Lebanon

In Lebanon, there's no legal minimum age for marriage. Some laws allow girls younger than 15 to marry. According to UNICEF, 6 percent of girls in the country get married before...

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2017-09-05 Iran

Why some Iranian women are defying hijab rules in the car

The hijab debate is heating up in Iran. Wearing it has been compulsory for women in public since 1979. But today, a growing number of them are refusing to comply with the rule...

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2017-08-29 Lebanon

Lebanon's parliament abolishes controversial rape law

In Lebanon, lawmakers voted earlier this month to abolish a law that had allowed rapists to evade punishment by marrying their accusers. The move comes after other nations in the...

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2017-08-22 Yemen

Israeli-Palestinian conflict: A US summer camp brings two sides together

In the US, a summer camp in New Mexico brings together young Palestinians and Israelis, encouraging them to share their experiences of growing up on either side of the conflict....

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2017-08-03 Middle East

Tourism in the Middle East: which countries are the least and most popular?

This week, we take a special look at tourism in the Middle East. While some travelers may have been put off, others are still keen to explore the region's mystery and riches. We...

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