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Melania’s jacket: What did it mean?

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South Sudan peace deal attempt fails as Kiir rejects Machar

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Zero Tolerance: Does Border Security Trump Compassion?

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Let's become French!

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Taking sides: The dual-nationality footballers playing at the World Cup

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Dior trots out Cruise collection at Chantilly stables

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France's Pelagos sanctuary, a haven for whales and dolphins

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#THE 51%

Developing a code of their own: Are women leading the tech revolution in Paris?

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#TECH 24

Motorsport innovation

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Latest update : 2017-06-13

Pope demands priests' obedience over Ahiara bishop in Nigeria

In tonight’s edition: the Pope asks priests to obey the Bishop of Ahiara in Nigeria; 900 people escape from the Kangwawi prison in Beni; and our correspondent gained access to the town of Yei in South Sudan, which is held by government forces but surrounded by rebels.

The pope gives Nigerian rebel clergy a month to apologise, pledge allegiance and accept a bishop named by the Vatican or face the sack. It's a rare harsh decree by the pontiff as tribal rivalries affect the papal appointment made five years ago.

Also, there's been another jailbreak in DR Congo, this time in the eastern town of Beni. Around a dozen people are killed and almost 1,000 inmates escape as heavily armed, so far unidentified attackers raid the institution.

And in the first part of our correspondents' special reports on South Sudan, we take a look at the risks faced by those living in the government-controlled town of Yei. It’s been under siege since last July amidst the country's ongoing civil war.




2018-06-22 Charli James

South Sudan peace deal attempt fails as Kiir rejects Machar

The latest attempt for peace in South Sudan breaks down after President Salva Kiir rejects allowing Riek Machar a place in the government. Plus: Nigeria’s win against Iceland...

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2018-06-21 Laura DI BIASIO

South Sudan rebels say more time needed to achieve peace

South Sudan's armed rebels warn that the first meeting between Salva Kiir and Riek Machar doesn't necessarily mean the road to peace will be much smoother. Also, we hear from the...

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2018-06-21 Georja CALVIN-SMITH

Eritrea to send delegation to Ethiopia for peace talks

Ethiopia welcomes Eritrea's positive response to overtures to resolve a long-running dispute between the two neighbours. Also, voters in Ivory Coast are registering to cast their...

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2018-06-19 Nicolas GERMAIN

At least 18 killed in Abidjan floods from heavy rains

In tonight's edition: at least 18 people are killed in flooding in Abidjan. Frustrated locals hit out at authorities for failing to do more for those living in built-up areas...

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2018-06-18 Nicolas GERMAIN

Tunisia lose first World Cup match against England

Tunisia falls to England 2-1 in its premiere World Cup match. Our sports editor joins us with all the details on an energetic game full of close calls. Meanwhile, 31 people died...

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