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Somalia twin bombings kill 18 in Mogadishu

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Arming the "good guys"?

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Gun Control in the United States: Will the Florida shooting be the turning point?

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Giving a voice to the homeless in France

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'Never Again': The students pushing for US gun control

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#TECH 24

A bright future for solar power

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Winter in France's Burgundy vineyards

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How French cyber police are patrolling the 'Dark Web'

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Marseille mon amour: Mediterranean city celebrates love

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The business show that goes beyond the numbers and the corporate jargon! Stephen Carroll breaks down major business stories and looks at how they affect our lives. Thursday at 4.15 am Paris time.

Latest update : 2017-06-15

Bracing for Brexit: Businesses fret as Theresa May prepares for EU talks

Business confidence plunges in the UK as a weakened government gears up for talks on leaving the European Union. Stephen Carroll speaks to Panmure Gordon's Chief Economist Simon French to assess the mood of British businesses.

Also in this programme:

What are the key things to watch at this year's Paris Air show? Airlines and manufacturers use the event to showcase ground-breaking technology, partnerships, and new aircraft orders.

Could shop window dummies be spying on you? We're looking at the latest technology that monitors consumer behaviour. 

By Stephen CARROLL , Kate MOODY , Agnès LE COSSEC



2018-02-22 India

Brand Trump: Has the US president damaged his company's reputation?

Donald Trump Junior is in India to promote the Trump brand. While the projects being promoted in the country were planned before his father was elected president, questions have...

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2018-02-14 US markets

Bumpy ride ahead: Will volatility become the new norm for stock markets?

It only took a few weeks of 2018 before we hit our first stock market turbulence. For months, we've heard warnings that the equity market was due a sharp drop, given the massive...

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2018-02-08 Davos forum

Davos 2018: The pros & cons of globalisation

This week, we're looking back at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos. Stephen Carroll discusses corruption and the impact of globalisation on developing...

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2018-01-26 Davos forum

Davos 2018: The fight for gender equality

For this special edition of People & Profit, we're in the Swiss Alps at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Stephen Carroll meets Societe Générale CEO Frédéric Oudéa and Davos...

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2018-01-18 Airbus

Superjumbo travel: Discussing the future of the A380

The future of the Airbus A380 has been in doubt for some time, with airlines reluctant to order the double-decker plane. In this programme, we discuss the prospects for...

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