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Amnesty International says Nigerian army abused women fleeing Boko Haram

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#TECH 24

Is GDPR a good thing for EU tech companies?

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UK foreign secretary victim of Russian prank phone call

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After Iran, North Korea: Macron and Putin react as Trump scraps Singapore summit

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Training future football champions in Vietnam

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Latest update : 2017-07-16

China dreams of superpower status on the football pitch

China has been redrawing the world's football map in recent months. Thanks to virtually unlimited funds, players and coaches from some of the best European clubs are flocking to China to develop its national league, while football academies are popping up to train future stars. The reason for all this enthusiasm? President Xi Jinping’s penchant for the beautiful game and its potential as a vehicle for Chinese nationalism.

China has just made a stunning entry into the world of football. With high-profile transfers and outrageous salaries, Beijing intends to become a major player, attracting the biggest stars to its football league. Argentina's Carlos Tevez, Brazilian players Givanildo Vieira de Sousa (known as "Hulk") and Oscar as well as Belgium’s Axel Witsel are just some of those who were unable to resist the appeal of the Chinese Super League clubs and their wealthy owners.

This craze can be partly explained by Chinese President Xi Jinping’s taste for the beautiful game, with the Chinese leader making the sport a national priority. His goal is twofold: to make China a football superpower and to use it as a vehicle for Chinese nationalism.

The country is aiming high. China hopes someday to host the FIFA World Cup and even dreams of becoming a world champion in 2050. From Shanghai to Guangzhou, our reporter went to find out more about this new tool of Chinese soft power.




2018-05-18 Middle East

Beyond the conflict: Reporter's notebook in modern-day Israel

Israel regularly makes headlines, but there is more to the country than the conflict with the Palestinians. FRANCE 24 reports from a young but highly developed nation, a holy...

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2018-05-11 Middle East

Video: Stateless in Palestine

What does life in the West Bank look like under Israeli occupation? Our reporters travelled to Area C, to meet the women and men who live on lands coveted by Israeli settlers....

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2018-04-27 France

Video: The Foreign Legion, another French exception

Shrouded in mystery and prestige, the French Foreign Legion is just as feared by its enemies as it is envied by its allies. The legionnaires come from across the world, prepared...

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2018-04-20 Africa

Africa’s donkeys slaughtered for Chinese ‘miracle elixir’

Every year, China slaughters millions of donkeys to make Ejiao, a traditional medicine hailed as a ‘miracle elixir’ which is used to treat various ailments. As China’s donkey...

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2018-04-13 Americas

From Brazil to Canada: the new odyssey for African migrants

Canada has become the new El Dorado for many African migrants, who have seen Europe and the United States close their borders. But they face a dangerous journey across South and...

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