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Latest update : 2017-07-16

China dreams of superpower status on the football pitch

China has been redrawing the world's football map in recent months. Thanks to virtually unlimited funds, players and coaches from some of the best European clubs are flocking to China to develop its national league, while football academies are popping up to train future stars. The reason for all this enthusiasm? President Xi Jinping’s penchant for the beautiful game and its potential as a vehicle for Chinese nationalism.

China has just made a stunning entry into the world of football. With high-profile transfers and outrageous salaries, Beijing intends to become a major player, attracting the biggest stars to its football league. Argentina's Carlos Tevez, Brazilian players Givanildo Vieira de Sousa (known as "Hulk") and Oscar as well as Belgium’s Axel Witsel are just some of those who were unable to resist the appeal of the Chinese Super League clubs and their wealthy owners.

This craze can be partly explained by Chinese President Xi Jinping’s taste for the beautiful game, with the Chinese leader making the sport a national priority. His goal is twofold: to make China a football superpower and to use it as a vehicle for Chinese nationalism.

The country is aiming high. China hopes someday to host the FIFA World Cup and even dreams of becoming a world champion in 2050. From Shanghai to Guangzhou, our reporter went to find out more about this new tool of Chinese soft power.




2017-11-24 Americas

Video: Is Trump slamming door on Muslims' American Dream?

Since US President Donald Trump came to power, Muslim Americans say they feel increasingly unwelcome in their own country. According to critics, Trump’s executive orders banning...

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2017-11-17 Middle East

Exclusive: From Tehran to Najaf, a pilgrimage fraught with danger

It’s one of the most dangerous pilgrimages in the world. Every year, despite the deadly menace of the Islamic State group, millions of Shiites make a pilgrimage to southern Iraq,...

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2017-11-09 Europe

Full circle: The second life of old clothes abroad

Our reporters investigated what happens to old clothes thrown out by Westerners. For several months, our team followed the trail of recycled clothes - from initial collection...

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2017-11-03 Asia-pacific

Exclusive report: Burma in denial over Rohingya crisis

Burma’s northern Rakhine state is on lockdown. In recent weeks, violence has forced hundreds of thousands of minority Muslim Rohingyas to flee to Bangladesh. FRANCE 24’s regional...

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2017-10-27 Middle East

Video: The story of a deadly air strike in Iraq’s Mosul

For more than three years, the US-led coalition has been using air strikes to help Iraqi troops retake territory from Islamic State group jihadists. But some are now tallying the...

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